Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jarrin Jackson files for Congress

Constitutional Conservative Jarrin Jackson, Former Army Ranger and Combat Veteran, Files for OK Congressional District 2

April 14, 2016 (Claremore, OK) – Jarrin Jackson, a combat veteran with two Bronze Stars for service in Afghanistan, announces he is filing for candidacy to serve as United States Congressman, District 2. Jackson will be on the Republican primary ballot to unseat incumbent Congressman Markwayne Mullin. During Mullin’s career as a politician, he has regularly voted to grow the debt and expand government, including signing off on a 19 trillion dollar omnibus bill to fund Obama’s bloated spending and far-left agenda. Recently, Mullin announced that he praying for God’s direction as he considers breaking a signed pledge to serve three terms in Congress before coming home to live under the laws he has helped create.

Jarrin Jackson said, “When I served in Afghanistan, I saw first hand the effects of decisions made by Washington bureaucrats, who made political decisions without recognizing that they were having devastating consequences on real people, including stopping us from engaging ISIS in their infancy before they grew into the threat they are today. In Washington, politicians like Mr. Mullin are just as culpable. They make decisions through the political lens of how it affects them personally, with complete disregard that their vote and backroom dealings have devastating effects on our economy, and our national security. This also limits the ability of each American to realize their true potential whether they are building a successful business, educating their children, or strengthening our nation’s infrastructure. When I took the oath of duty to the US Army, I swore to uphold our Constitution, and that is what I will do as your Representative. No matter the mission ahead, I will fight every day for a stronger, more secure America, and won’t quit until our children have the ability to forge a better future than the one that we are currently fighting to save.”

A graduate in the top 15% of his West Point class, Jackson served honorably as a Captain in the US Infantry where he was deployed to Afghanistan. Jarrin Jackson led over 300 American soldiers in combat, managed budgets of $350 million, and excelled in organizational leadership and geopolitical issues management. As 2nd District Congressman, he is committed to restore constitutional order, strengthen national defense, secure the borders, demand fiscal discipline, and strengthen services to veterans and ensure free market capitalism for the American Dream to once again become a viable goal. 

Jarrin Jackson and his wife Katie live in Claremore, Oklahoma with their two sons, Lloyd and Dale. Jackson is a 5th generation Oklahoman and was raised in Oologah, Oklahoma. Please visit for more information, or on Facebook at JarrinJackson1


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