Friday, April 08, 2016

Richard Engle to run for OKGOP Nat't Committeeman

Richard Engle Seeks to Serve as Oklahoma's Republican National Committeeman

Oklahoma City, OK- Long term Republican activist and author, Richard Engle, is seeking the position of National Committeeman being vacated by Steve Fair.  The election will be held at the Oklahoma Republican convention on May 14th in Moore.

The Republican National Committee consists of three persons from each state and territory and it is the governing body of the national Republican Party between conventions.  Two National Committee members (one male and one female) are chosen in each state prior to the national convention, but their four year term begins on the day after the convention.  The third member is the State Chair who is chosen according to each state party's rules.  National Committee members become automatic Delegates to the National Convention at the end of their term. The National Committee members serve without pay and at their own expense.

Engle commented, "My overwhelming passion is to build the Republican Party on a solid conservative foundation. I will continue to be ever vigilant to empower the grassroots of our party. I have over thirty years of Republican activism, spent a decade as a statewide appointee of our governor, two terms in elective office, co-founder of my state's largest membership PAC supporting Republican candidates, two terms as President of the nation's largest and oldest Republican support organization, and knocked tens of thousands of doors for candidates, among other volunteer activities which have prepared me for this level of service."

Engle is the President of BellWest America, Oklahoma's largest independent directory publisher.  He is also a regular columnist for the Oklahoma Constitution newspaper and author of the popular novel, The Last American President.  His wife, Denise Engle, has been Deputy Insurance Commissioner for the state and served as Workers' Compensation Commissioner before returning to her private sector career.
The Engle's also host an annual benefit on behalf of the Angel Tree program of Prison Fellowship.  Last year Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb co-hosted the event with the Engle's. Additionally, Engle is a volunteer part time teacher at Edmond Christian Academy and an Elder at Faith Church in Oklahoma City.

Recently, Engle launched the Oklahoma Republican party's Red to the Roots effort. Engle commented, "I have driven throughout our state and worked diligently to support Republican candidates for county office where currently only 35% of elected officials are Republicans while 78% of elected officials above the county level are Republicans. This is a disparity that does not reflect the conservative inclinations of Oklahoma voters.  I am committed to the premise that conservative governance works everywhere it is tried, and I will continue this effort as National Committeeman."

Engle also expressed his goals for the Republican National Committee. "Much has been said this year about the rules of our party.  It seems some people may have tried to use the rules to manipulate results or to 'fix' problems of a prior election.  Now they find themselves bitten by their own dog. What we need is a process which is fair, honest and open.  With my experience, added to that of the other members from Oklahoma, we can secure our party's future as the conservative choice of the American voter."

For more information, contact Richard Engle at 405-640-9219.


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