Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Election Results Maps: Dem/Ind Presidential Primary turnout

I finally got the information from the state election board for the March 1st presidential primary, so here are some more Election Results Maps. It was a bit of a challenge, as their software could break the Democratic primary results down by-party/by-precinct but not by-party/by-county, so it was a bit of a process on my end to get these results.

In this post, we'll examine the turnout on the Democratic side of things. This was the first election that the Oklahoma Democratic Party allowed Independent voters to participate in. What impact did that have?

Not much, it turns out.

This graphic shows the turnout percentage of registered Democrats, Statewide, Democrat turnout was about 36.53% (based off of the January 2016 voter registration numbers). Highest Democrat turnout was in Major County with 47.02%, and the lowest came in Choctaw County at 21.72%.

In contrast, the Republican turnout (no map yet) was about 52.26%.

Generally speaking, turnout was very low in the heavily-Democratic south and southeast, and higher northwest of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metros.

Here we have the turnout for registered Independents. Statewide turnout was 13.36% of registered Independents. The highest turnout for Independent voters was in Cleveland County at 18.99%, and the lowest was in Harmon County with 4.46%.

Generally speaking, turnout was extremely light all across the state, except around Oklahoma City, Stillwater and Tulsa, where it was upgraded to very light.

This shows the percentage of primary votes cast in each county by Democrat voters. In all but four counties, registered Democrats cast over 85% of the vote. The lowest percentage came in Texas County, where it dipped to 79.92%. The highest percentage was in Harmon County, with 98.48% of the votes being made by Democrats. In all, 89.51% of votes cast were by Democrats.

This graphic shows the percentage of primary votes cast in each county by Independent voters. Independents cast 10.49% of all votes in the primary. Texas County had the highest percentage of Independent votes at 20.08%, and Harmon County had the lowest with 1.52%.


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