Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Final Answers from the OKGOP Chair Candidates

With this post, we close out our OKGOP Chair Candidate Survey answers (view part one herepart two herepart three here, and part four here).

13. Financial reports under Chairmen Jones and Pinnell were transparent, detailed, easy to follow, and utilized the same layout/format in handouts. They also personally gave detailed verbal reports to the State Committee. Do you plan to 1) personally give financial reports at State Committee meetings, and 2) use a report format that is as detailed, transparent and easy to follow as Jones’ and Pinnell’s?

Estela Hernandez:
Transparency is a vital part of our Party. We expect it from our elected officials and we should and must expect it from our Party leadership. As a businesswoman I understand the need for clear, detailed reports about the Party’s financial status and will work to ensure that the reports provided to the Finance Committee, the Budget Committee, the Executive Committee and the State Committee are clear, concise and easy to follow. When it comes to fundraising, reporting, and communicating with or on behalf of our Party the buck stops with the Chairman and I will do all I can to be transparent.

Robert Hubbard:
I have always pushed for clear and concise financial reports to be handed out to our state committee members. It is my belief that the chairman of the finance committee should give the report and then stand for questions.

Pam Pollard:
The role of the OKGOP Treasurer is to present the financial report at the committee meetings. It is the role of the State Chairman to manage the collection and presentation of the financial reports. I worked closely with Gary Jones and as State Vice Chairman under Matt Pinnell, he took advantage of my expertise as an accountant and asked me to verify all reports were correct and revenues and expenses were clearly stated. This is my business, this is second nature to me and I can attest that under my leadership the OKGOP will have clear concise financial reports for all registered republicans to review. 

14. Here’s your closing statement – cover whatever you want to talk about.

Pam Pollard:
EXPERIENCE. That is what separates me. I don’t have to talk about what I will do, I want to remind you of what I have already done.

We usually have a year’s lead time from election of State Chair to the Presidential convention season. We have 2 months to get the precinct packets to you, 4 months until County Conventions start and 6 months until the Presidential Primary. We need an experienced person in the office of State Party Chairman and I am the only candidate with the experience to go to work on Oct 12th.

  • training activists, to 
  • working on campaigns, to 
  • building coalitions, to 
  • raising money, to 
  • organizing the grassroots, to 
  • helping county officers, to
  • working with the young conservatives, to 
  • reaching out to minorities, to 
  • running statewide organizations, to 
  • being elected county chairman, to 
  • serving on every committee within the GOP structure, to 
  • leading the charge to turn out voters to the polls,
I have a successful record in each.

2016 is about winning elections. As GOTV Director in 2010 I led the program that elected 77% of our candidates and resulted in the headlines of the Tulsa World, “Triumph of Turnout.” I am the Right Person for the Right Time!

I humbly ask for your support and your vote at the State Committee meeting. My final thought is we have reached “crunch time.” Please consider who is most prepared TODAY to step up and fill the office of State Chairman. Thank you and may God Be with our Nation.

~Pam Pollard   405-420-8154

Estela Hernandez:
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer a few questions and share my vision and goals. Over the last few weeks, I have already proven that I can hit the ground running. We have started fundraising again, the war room is ready to go for our Senate District 34 nominee (once we have him) and we are actively preparing the infrastructure for the 2016 races. 

My service on the various boards, commissions and my work for the Party have shown that I can be an effective voice for our Party’s positive, conservative message and I will continue those efforts if elected. We need a strong voice that brands our Party to new generations and new demographics without watering down our message. I am committed to enhancing our training and outreach programs, to working with Young Republicans and College Republicans to enhance our Party. 

I want to thank all those who I have already spoken to that have offered prayers, support and votes in this upcoming meeting. When I ran for Vice Chair of our Party earlier this year, I had no idea that we would faced with the situation that we are in. But I feel called to step up and lead. Our Party must be better prepared to share its vision for America and Oklahoma. 

If anyone has any questions they can reach me at

Robert Hubbard:
I would be honored to serve as your state chairman. Because of my various business and personal life experiences, I believe I can best relate to all of Oklahoma, both rural and urban. It is also vital that we build our Young Republican base so they can be elevated to places of leadership. With that in mind, I would like to see the next state chair of the Young Republicans be provided with an office in our state headquarters so that they are included as a member of the team to build the state party. There is much to be done between now and November 8, 2016. Together, we can and will make it happen.

May God bless each one of you, and may we all look to Him to bless this nation. Respectfully,

Robert Hubbard

As mentioned in previous posts, members of the OKGOP State Committee will pick between these three candidates on October 11th.

For the rest of the survey, view part one herepart two herepart three here, and part four here.


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