Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Brogdon to resign? Issues call for new chair election

What's going on with the OKGOP?

Answer - nobody really knows.

This afternoon, an 'official call' went out from the State Party setting a State Committee meeting on September 12th that stated "[t]he purpose of this State Committee Meeting is to elect a new State Chairman."

According to additional news reports, Vice-Chair Estela Hernandez said that Brogdon called her today to inform her of his plan to resign. Hernandez told the AP that she intends to run for the post.

Pam Pollard, former OKGOP Vice Chair and OFRW president, points out that according to the State Party Rules, a normal state committee meeting only requires 10 days notice, but for a special meeting to replace a state chair (due to death, resignation, etc) requires 30 days notice. I think we can expect a revised call to be issued.

Brogdon's initial call placed the meeting in Tulsa. As a former member of the State Committee, I would recommend that this special meeting be held in Oklahoma City, as it is more centrally located and has traditionally had better attendance than Tulsa or elsewhere.

No word on exactly why Brogdon plans to resign/has resigned. Candidate filing for his old senate district's special election (following Sen. Brinkley's resignation) closed this evening at 5:00pm. The state election board does not show Brogdon on the list of candidates who filed.


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