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Answers from the OKGOP Chair candidates: full survey

Over the past three days, I've broken up my OKGOP Chair candidate survey into five short(ish) posts, focusing on two to four questions at a time.

In this post, I've included the survey in its entirety, with the responses from each of the three candidates (Estela Hernandez, Robert Hubbard, and Pam Pollard). So those of you on the front page don't have to scroll halfway down the page to see the next post, I've put the entire survey below the page break. For sharing purposes, this might be the easiest to use.

If you would like to view the original posts, use these links: questions 1 and 2questions 3 through 5, questions 6 through 9, questions 10 through 12, and questions 13 and 14.

Once again, as mentioned in previous posts, members of the OKGOP State Committee will choose a new state chair from these three candidates on October 11th. I would encourage members of the State Committee to examine the answers these candidates gave on this survey.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (where you came from and how 
you got to be who you are today).

Estela Hernandez:
I’ve been married for 14 years and I’m a mother 3 kids. For the past 12 years, my husband and I have owned and operated a construction company in Oklahoma City. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. I’m passionate about my faith, my family, and our country. I came to America at a very young age. My siblings and I were raised in the state of New Jersey. At the age of 18, I was privileged to become an American citizen. My immigrant story can be found on Metro Family Magazine.

Robert Hubbard:
I grew up in a loving, two­-parent home. My Dad was a pastor in the Nazarene denomination. His two gifts were incredible faith and helping others. He coupled those with a tremendous work ethic. He was a great example, and I was often told, by well­-meaning people, that I could never fill his boots. However, one day as I was pulling my boots on a big smile broke across my face as God helped me see that Dad and I didn't even wear the same size. In that moment, I realized that God has given all of us our own gifts that we are to use in following Him.

Pam Pollard:
I am happily married to my husband Glenn, a step-mom to 6 and Mimi to 12 grandchildren. Glenn and I met in Church soon after he had become a widower and have been happily married for 27 years. I am originally from Florida and played softball for the Univ of Florida, earning the honor of All-Conference pitcher in my sophomore year. After graduating with a degree in Forest Engineering I was sent to work in Idabel, OK. Yes, from Orlando to Idabel, but I fell in love with Oklahoma and have been here 33 years.

I decided on a career change and in 1988 graduated with a degree in Accounting from East Central University in Ada. I found my niche to work with business startups doing everything from accounting to computer networking. In the most recent years I have become a business consultant helping companies become more profitable by improving efficiency in their business structure and employee management.

2. What do you consider to be the top three challenges for the next state chair?

#1- Fundraising
Fundraising is CRITICAL to hire staff with the convention cycle being only 3 months away. I will raise the necessary funds to support the Party and support candidates in the general election. As OK County Chairman I raised over $100,000 and gave over $25,000 directly to candidates. As OK Federation of Republican Women President I exceeded my fundraising budget by almost $7,000. As State Vice-Chair I worked closely with Chairman Matt Pinnell and the donors who responded with generous support in 2010-2013. I am not afraid to ask for dollars!  

Because of term limits instituted in 2004 we will have 30 open seats in 2016! We are behind in recruiting leaders to run for these seats, 7 of which are currently held by women. I will work hard to find candidates, be a resource for information and raise funds to provide support for our nominees. We must re-institute the Victory program with its unique financial structure and statewide organization which benefits all candidates from the federal level to the courthouse.

#3- Party Unity
I believe #3 to be just as important as #1 and 2 but for list purposes I am talking about this one last.

I believe the foundation of TRUST is transparency and respect. We must restore the unity of our party and accept that while we may be competitors at times, we are never each other’s enemies. I will respect differing opinions and recruit diversity to our party. I will provide full financial statements at all meetings and will at all times abide by the Rules of the OKGOP.
There are many challenges that await our Party in the upcoming years. 

First, we must work on our branding and image. For too long, we have allowed ourselves to be defined as a Party that is “against” things. We must define what we support. We unashamedly support the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We support life from conception and want to find real solutions like adoption that are alternatives to death. We support the American Dream, that all our citizens should be free to explore their dreams and find opportunity. We support lowering tax rates so that Americans can keep more of their money. We have to present a strong, vibrant image of the party to voters, the media and our officials. 

Secondly, fundraising. The last year has been a difficult one for the Party’s finances. Some of that has been due to our image and as we fix that issue, we can restore the fundraising base. We need an aggressive fundraising plan, and I intend to work with a broad spectrum of fundraising opportunities to get us back on a solid foundation. 

Infrastructure is the third challenge. Over the last few months, the technological presence for mobilizing our group game has diminished. I have already begun rebuilding that technology. The “war room” has been restored, and the voter files are in the process of being updated across all platforms. The RNC has spent $20,000,0000 on data software; we need to harness that for all our candidates.
1. Bringing everyone to the table
2. Re­establish a focus on our party platform
3. Have a state convention that doesn't turn into a waiting room

3. How will you work with all factions in the party to bring about unity?

None of us are the same, and I don't expect or want cookie-­cutter Republicans. It is by their different ideas and thought processes that we grow. Recognizing this will be the starting point in bring about party unity.
As I stated in the previous question, I will work hard to restore trust and respect between the grassroots activists and the State Party. The number one issue I have heard throughout the state is lack of transparency at the state level. The State Committee is the supreme Republican Party authority and should receive a full report of all finances with close oversight of the State Budget Committee. Minutes of meetings and lists of county officers must be available to all Republicans.

The Republican Party in Oklahoma has changed since I began as an activist 17 years ago. For the first 100 years the Republicans fought against the candidates, policies and platform of the Democrat Party. Thanks to the decades of work of party leaders and staunch activists, the Democrats have been neutralized and now we are left to fight one another. We must understand and appreciate diversity of opinions and allow people the very freedom we fight for in our nation and that is the right to individual expression.

I don’t fear diversity but rather embrace it because that is the foundation of the great history of our country. As Party Chairman, my job is to build a foundation and infrastructure for Republican voters to travel down. We are united by our Platform and State Party Rules and are only divided by our personal desire to promote our individual ideas. If we can appreciate each other’s passionate beliefs then we will have the unity and strength to defend our Republican candidates against the liberal policies of the democrats.
The first step to unity is stop talking about factions. We must deal with each other as individuals and deal with people with respect. While we may disagree on some specific issues, or specific applications of certain policies, I feel that most Republicans agree with our statement of principles. I want to make sure that everyone has a voice, and feels that they can express that voice with dignity and respect. As Chairman, I am and will continue to work with all those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work.

4. How do you plan to balance the party platform and the administrative duties of the office you are seeking?

The platform is an important piece of our Party’s presence. I want to work to ensure that the administration of the party is in keeping with the ideals espoused in our platform. We are for conservative policies and conservative practices. The Party should reflect that; during the 2014 election cycle, I had the opportunity to teach at each of the candidate/ activist trainings, and I was impressed that each one of those featured a section on our Republican principles. I want to continue that tradition. It is not enough to just post the platform on the website, or read it at conventions, we need to be able to have positive discussions about it, to reflect on it and find innovative solutions that are keeping with our platform and traditions. I am dedicated to finding and maintaining that balance.
Our party platform sets forth the tenets of our party, and is the cornerstone upon which this house is built. I believe it is the duty of the Chair to hold forth these principles as well as encouraging accountability to them by our elected officials.
I will run the Party as a business using the principles of sound business practices I share with my accounting clients. The administrative duties of the State Chairman include being a wise steward of both the monies raised and the monies spent. We must support and build the county party structure and provide the necessary resources for each county. I will staff the office with knowledgeable, experienced workers who are as equally dedicated to supporting the counties and winning elections as I am.

The State Chairman is tasked with the enforcement of the State Party Rules and carrying out the directions of the State Committee. The Party Platform is part of the foundation of the Republican Party and I will personally hand out a copy of the platform to each candidate that files for office as a Republican.

5. What is your understanding of specific needs of the party during a Presidential election year?

Our Rules set forth a structure of electing a Chairman in odd numbered years to build the Party infrastructure and raise monies necessary to implement the strategies to win elections during even numbered years. The number of voters in a presidential election year is greater than 1 ½ times the voting turnout in non-presidential years.

The work of the Party is magnified during Presidential election years because we hold precinct meetings, county conventions, district and state conventions and attend the national convention.

Specific needs to accomplish the above events:

1. Raise monies needed to support the activities of the Party, the Republican Presidential Nominee and the Republican Nominees for local, state and federal offices.
2. Prepare counties for Precinct meetings
3. Assist Counties in holding County conventions held for the purpose of electing delegates to the
      a. District Convention and
      b.State Convention
4. Make sure fair elections are held for the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP)
5. Assist District Chairmen in holding conventions to elect District Delegates to the Republican National Convention (RNC)
6. Organize a State Convention for the purpose of
      a. Electing At-large delegates to the RNC and
      b. Electing a National Committeeman and Committeewoman (due to RNC rules, this is the only case the gender rule is in effect for office holders in the OKGOP)
7. Hold Platform meetings for the purpose of approving a state platform to be submitted to the RNC
8. Hold special Executive Committee meetings to interview the applicants and elect a slate of delegates to the Republican National Convention. (This process is necessary because the state is allocated 25 +/- delegates and 25 alternates to the RNC and historically the Party receives over 200 applications.
There are two distinct sets of needs during this cycle. First are the needs and obligations to our Nominee and the Presidential election. The Party must ensure a smooth process for our delegates to the RNC to be nominated and elected. Once we have a nominee, we must work diligently to maintain the “Red State” tradition that we have enjoyed the last four cycles of having every single county go Republican. Beyond that, we also need to ready with infrastructure to help swing states. In 2012 Steve Fair led a group to help Colorado, in 2014, he took a group to help get Bill Cassidy elected to the US Senate. We don’t yet know where we may be needed but Oklahoma Republicans have never shirked from the challenge of taking our conservative values and Oklahoma work ethic on the road for good candidates.

Next is our local obligations. Presidential cycles draw higher voter turnout and in tougher local races that can have a big impact. We have to work with all our nominees up and down the ballot to ensure the best data, technology and volunteer coordination is in place for everyone to succeed.

Whether we are looking nationally or locally the Party must be ready to work together so that we can have a strong, effective, and conservative 2016.
A strong focus on state and national races providing support to all Republican candidates during the primaries and to the successful candidates thereafter.

6. How many presidential-year state conventions have you attended? 

Robert Hubbard:
I have attended two presidential ­year state conventions.
Pam Pollard:
Four (4)
Estela Hernandez:
In 2012, I had the honor of being recognized at the Rising Star in the OKGOP. I was also asked by Chairman Matt Pinell to speak about community engagement at that convention. Conventions are an important part of our political process, but engaging people in the political process, getting them fired up and ready to not only vote but truly engage in the process is a much larger project. That is why I am proud to see the dynamic shift with the RNC as they have moved over the last year into the Victory 365 project. As important as the convention process is, our contributions to the Party should be marked by our service, our leadership and legacy we leave behind for our children, not just attendance at conventions.

7. Have you ever organized a Republican Party convention? 
If so, which conventions and in what capacity?

I was given the great honor to work with the Southern Republican Leadership team in planning and bringing the SRLC to Oklahoma City. When I was elected as Vice Chair on the State Party, I also took on the role of spokesperson for the event. The SRLC was one of, if not THE biggest political event we have had in the state and there were many people who contributed to the effort. My goal for our upcoming conventions is to have them managed as efficiently and effectively as the SRLC was managed. Through technology, and expertise we were able to register well in excess of 2,000 people with limited lines. I believe that we can assemble of great team for our upcoming 2016 and 2017 conventions that can replicate that success.
As Chair of Canadian County, I have been in charge of two conventions and assisted with the Third Congressional District Convention.
2001~2005- Appointed OK County Credentials Chair
2004~2010- Appointed state credentials chair by State Chairman Gary Jones
Served for six years where I helped develop an electronic registration program for the state convention. (We do not use my system today and I pledge to use my experience to develop a working convention registration program that is accurate and timely. To-date I have 2 computer programmers who have volunteered to serve on convention registration committee)
2007- As County Chairman I organized the OK County Convention using electronic registration, credentialing and computerized voting for over 500 delegates. Organized Credential, Rules and Platform Committee meetings.
2008- Same duties as 2007 convention
2009- Same duties as 2007 convention
2012- Served as State Vice Chairman organizing convention to elect delegates to RNC
2004- Elected as a delegate to the RNC and elected by fellow delegates to serve on the national Credentials Committee.
2008- 2004- Elected as a delegate to the RNC and elected by fellow delegates to again serve on the national Credentials Committee.
2012- Appointed Delegation Aide to the RNC being responsible for the management of the OK delegates while in Tampa.
2015- As OK Federation of Republican Women President I organized and was the Convention Chairman for the State Convention this past August

8. What are your specific plans to raise funds for the party and do you have any experience running a statewide organization? 

First, let me say the finance rules of the State Ethics Commission and Federal Election Commission are complex. As an accountant and through the offices I have held in the Republican Party I have a thorough knowledge of the laws for the 5 bank accounts we currently maintain.

My specific fundraising plans include reaching out to donors I have known for many years in my work with the OKGOP, OFRW and numerous campaigns I have worked on. I believe the donors want to see 2 things:
     1. A Party leader that will restore public confidence in the OK Republican Party
     2. A plan of action (Business Plan) to win elections in 2016

I have spoken with many donors and encouraged them to give money to the Party NOW so we can begin to build the financial stability of the Party. I have a Finance Chair and 3 members prepared to serve on the Finance Committee as designated in the State Party Rules. We must have a clear message and plan of action for the donors (investors) of the Party.

I have served as State Vice Chairman under Chairman Matt Pinnell during the last Presidential election cycle and I thoroughly understand the special finance laws pertaining to the OK Victory account. We were able to raise over 1.5 million dollars working with other states and donors of the Presidential campaign. I cannot say if this particular system will be used by the Presidential nominee in 2016 but I am prepared to manage the funds in support of candidates if the opportunity arises.
I have been a Commissioner on the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women, advocating on behalf of issues that impact women across the state. I have a history of working with groups like the Sunbeam Family Services Board, Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. Through my experience and leadership opportunities within these boards and organizations I have had lots of experience in fundraising.

This upcoming cycle presents great fundraising opportunities, and I look forward to tackling them. As a small business woman, I have had the great opportunity to run businesses, manage staff, meet and exceed goals. I know what it takes to make ends meet in a company.

First, we must reach out and maintain our Minuteman and Elephant Club programs. Sustaining donors are the lifeblood of our Party both financially and in volunteer hours.  As interim Chair, I have been personally reaching out to previous donors whose Minuteman or Elephant Club memberships have expired. We are seeing strong results in those sustaining donors rejoining the program.

Next, we have to continue to build on the fundraising platforms that we already have.  Mail campaigns and events have proven track records in providing a revenue stream, but we also want to branch out and leverage social media and the 32,000 followers we have on Facebook to help fundraise also.
I plan to re­organize the Gala Dinner into a more diverse method of fund­raising that will be more fun and exciting. I also have a list of on­going ideas to utilize throughout the year, including, Guns and Roses, Fin and Feathers, monthly Minute­Man drawings, dinner for two with your favorite state official. All of these will work state­wide for so we can have greater participation. I was three-­time President of the Oklahoma Paint Horse Association. We had successful year-­end award banquets, fun entertainment and celebrity guests. During my tenure, I put together the largest paint horse show ever produced outside of the World Show in Ft. Worth, Texas. The show ran day and night for three days with a great staff of volunteers that made it all possible.

9. Republicans dominate in the legislature, and have total control of statewide elected positions. What is your plan to win offices at the county level?

My plan is the same one we used in Canadian County, where all elected officials are republicans. You start by building the county party to the point where democrats rarely run for office. As chair of Canadian County, from 2010-­2014, we averaged 890 new republican registrations each year.
First, let me say the Republican Party must DEFEND 30 open Republican seats in the House and Senate in 2016. This is an unprecedented number brought about by term limits. The democrats WILL produce “conservative democrat” candidates whose message will be very hard to separate to the general voter. Be prepared for candidates to NOT advertise their party affiliation in their campaign literature and signs to confuse the voters.

It will be a very important role of the Party to advertise OUR candidates by Party affiliation and the unique role of the State Party is that we can put multiple candidates on our literature when asking people to go vote! When I first ran the Victory Get Out The Vote program in 2004 I fought to have as many candidates listed on the materials as possible to take advantage of the very powerful tickle-down effect. With Hillary or Biden or Bernie to give us some fun on the democrat ticket, we must take advantage of the Republican Presidential candidate support by listing our US Senator, House, Senate and county officers on each piece of material paid for by the OKGOP. THESE ARE PROVEN PRACTICES and we must raise the money to fund this critical campaign methodology.
While it is true that we have super-majorities in both chambers of the state legislature, and every statewide office, we cannot become complacent. The special election in HD85 has proven what can happen when we do. I was proud to knock doors and make calls for our nominee in that race, but the Party can and must do more in all our upcoming races including county races.

In 2012, when these county seats were up last, only 79 out of 308 seats were decided in the general election. We must work with our county parties so that they have the resources, training, and technology to recruit and elect strong candidates across the board.

10. Do you plan to run for chair at the state convention in May? 

According to our rules, the State Committee Meeting on Oct 11 will be to fill the remainder of the unexpired term which would end in April or May of 2017. I do feel that continuity is important and if given the opportunity to serve, I do plan on running for a full term at that time.
State Party rules require when a vacancy is created for the office of State Party Chairman or Vice Chairman, a special election must be held at a State Committee meeting held no sooner than thirty (30) days and no more than sixty (60) days from the date of the vacancy. The person elected at the State Committee meeting will fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term of the Chairman. Officers are elected at biennial conventions to be held in odd numbered years so the term of the current State Party Chair will expire at the adjournment of the state convention in 2017. There is no election of State Party Chairman at the state convention in May.

11. The Oklahoma Republican Party currently has conventions in three out of four years. Could you explain why we don’t have a convention every year? 

OKGOP rules state that Party Officers are elected at Biennial Conventions to be held in odd numbered years.

In Presidential election years, the State Party Rules direct us to hold quadrennial Precinct Meetings, County Conventions, Congressional District Conventions and a State Convention for the purpose of preparing a platform and electing delegates to the Republican National Convention. We also elect our 2 representatives in the Republican National Committee at the Quadrennial Convention. Their terms begin at the conclusion of the National Convention.
Our rules require us to have conventions in three out of every four years. In odd numbered years we elect the Chairman and Vice Chair of the State Party and conduct other party business. In Presidential election years, like we are currently preparing for, we have additional responsibilities. We have to elect our National Committeeman and Committeewoman who serve 4 year terms in order to work with the RNC and prepare the next National Convention (2020). In the year that we elect our statewide elected officials, we are not required to hold precinct meetings, county conventions or a state convention, but we traditionally take that time to have either a rally or additional training to prepare for the upcoming election cycle. I hope to continue that tradition.
In the odd numbered years we elect our state chair and vice­-chair as well as take care of other state party business. In the even numbered year of the presidential election it is the duty of the state convention to elect delegates and alternates to the national convention. Thus, the other even numbered year of the four year cycle is a bye year.

12. Please explain the national delegate selection process? Also, do you prefer voting on at-­large delegates individually, or by a slate?

Oklahoma has five congressional districts that are determined by population. During the presidential election year, each congressional district has a separate convention at which time that convention elects three delegates to the national convention. This convention also elects one elector to represent them as a voting member of the electoral college. In addition to the fifteen delegates elected by the district conventions, twenty ­five delegates and twenty ­five alternates will be selected from statewide applicants who also wish to be considered as national delegates. These applicants will be chosen by a select committee that will make up the slate of twenty ­five delegates and alternates. I believe there is another avenue, but that can only be instituted by a rule change.
The RNC rules dictate in part how the states select their national delegates. Each state is entitled to three (3) delegates and three (3) alternates for each Congressional District. The number of at-large delegates/alternates is determined by the representation of Republican Office holder at the federal and state level. At the last National Convention we had 28 at-large delegates and will again have 28 at-large delegates and alternates in 2016.

In 2012 we had 212 people apply for one of the 56 slots available, (28 delegates + 28 alternates). There is no such thing as an “open” convention at the national level. Because of the very large number of applicants it is impossible to take nominations and elect delegates/alternates individually at the state convention. Therefore the Republican Party created State Party Rules that stipulate the process.

The Rules state the State Executive Committee meets after all District Conventions have been held and at least two weeks prior to the date of the State Convention for the purpose of selecting nominees for Delegate-at-Large and Alternate-at-Large to the Republican National Convention. All applicants are invited to an interview before the Exec. Comm where they are asked a wide range of questions. A private vote is taken of all names submitted and the applicants who receive a majority of votes are given one of the at-large slots. The same process takes place for at-large alternates.

I have been part of this process in two Presidential election years and believe it to be the best method to get a fair representation of delegates/alternates throughout the state. All names must be published at least (10) days prior to the State Convention. This is often called the Executive Committee slate and is voted on according to convention rules, usually as a whole. Nominations from the floor are accepted as detailed in the convention rules. Election of the Delegates-at-Large and Alternates-at-Large are done by roll call vote.
Our rules clearly outline the delegate process. There are three delegates and three alternates that will be selected at each District Convention this year. After the final District Convention is held, the State Executive Committee will meet to select a slate of At-large delegates and alternates. That slate will be published prior to the State Convention and the Convention will vote on it.

Currently our rules do not provided for an individual up or down vote on each member of the slate. Considering how many delegates Oklahoma has, and the average time it takes for us to go through one election at a convention, I feel it is impractical to try to do individual votes and feel that we should continue to work with the “slate” format. The slate is the collaborative product of those who have been elected to leadership positions from across the state. It is important to remember that every Congressional District is represented, every recognized ancillary organization is represented, and those who serve in this capacity take it very seriously, as they should.

13. Financial reports under Chairmen Jones and Pinnell were transparent, detailed, easy to follow, and utilized the same layout/format in handouts. They also personally gave detailed verbal reports to the State Committee. Do you plan to 1) personally give financial reports at State Committee meetings, and 2) use a report format that is as detailed, transparent and easy to follow as Jones’ and Pinnell’s?

Transparency is a vital part of our Party. We expect it from our elected officials and we should and must expect it from our Party leadership. As a businesswoman I understand the need for clear, detailed reports about the Party’s financial status and will work to ensure that the reports provided to the Finance Committee, the Budget Committee, the Executive Committee and the State Committee are clear, concise and easy to follow. When it comes to fundraising, reporting, and communicating with or on behalf of our Party the buck stops with the Chairman and I will do all I can to be transparent.
I have always pushed for clear and concise financial reports to be handed out to our state committee members. It is my belief that the chairman of the finance committee should give the report and then stand for questions.
The role of the OKGOP Treasurer is to present the financial report at the committee meetings. It is the role of the State Chairman to manage the collection and presentation of the financial reports. I worked closely with Gary Jones and as State Vice Chairman under Matt Pinnell, he took advantage of my expertise as an accountant and asked me to verify all reports were correct and revenues and expenses were clearly stated. This is my business, this is second nature to me and I can attest that under my leadership the OKGOP will have clear concise financial reports for all registered republicans to review. 

14. Here’s your closing statement – cover whatever you want to talk about.

EXPERIENCE. That is what separates me. I don’t have to talk about what I will do, I want to remind you of what I have already done.

We usually have a year’s lead time from election of State Chair to the Presidential convention season. We have 2 months to get the precinct packets to you, 4 months until County Conventions start and 6 months until the Presidential Primary. We need an experienced person in the office of State Party Chairman and I am the only candidate with the experience to go to work on Oct 12th.

  • training activists, to 
  • working on campaigns, to 
  • building coalitions, to 
  • raising money, to 
  • organizing the grassroots, to 
  • helping county officers, to
  • working with the young conservatives, to 
  • reaching out to minorities, to 
  • running statewide organizations, to 
  • being elected county chairman, to 
  • serving on every committee within the GOP structure, to 
  • leading the charge to turn out voters to the polls,
I have a successful record in each.

2016 is about winning elections. As GOTV Director in 2010 I led the program that elected 77% of our candidates and resulted in the headlines of the Tulsa World, “Triumph of Turnout.” I am the Right Person for the Right Time!

I humbly ask for your support and your vote at the State Committee meeting. My final thought is we have reached “crunch time.” Please consider who is most prepared TODAY to step up and fill the office of State Chairman. Thank you and may God Be with our Nation.

~Pam Pollard   405-420-8154
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer a few questions and share my vision and goals. Over the last few weeks, I have already proven that I can hit the ground running. We have started fundraising again, the war room is ready to go for our Senate District 34 nominee (once we have him) and we are actively preparing the infrastructure for the 2016 races. 

My service on the various boards, commissions and my work for the Party have shown that I can be an effective voice for our Party’s positive, conservative message and I will continue those efforts if elected. We need a strong voice that brands our Party to new generations and new demographics without watering down our message. I am committed to enhancing our training and outreach programs, to working with Young Republicans and College Republicans to enhance our Party. 

I want to thank all those who I have already spoken to that have offered prayers, support and votes in this upcoming meeting. When I ran for Vice Chair of our Party earlier this year, I had no idea that we would faced with the situation that we are in. But I feel called to step up and lead. Our Party must be better prepared to share its vision for America and Oklahoma. 

If anyone has any questions they can reach me at
I would be honored to serve as your state chairman. Because of my various business and personal life experiences, I believe I can best relate to all of Oklahoma, both rural and urban. It is also vital that we build our Young Republican base so they can be elevated to places of leadership. With that in mind, I would like to see the next state chair of the Young Republicans be provided with an office in our state headquarters so that they are included as a member of the team to build the state party. There is much to be done between now and November 8, 2016. Together, we can and will make it happen.

May God bless each one of you, and may we all look to Him to bless this nation. Respectfully,

Robert Hubbard

*          *          *          *          *          *          

As mentioned in previous posts, members of the OKGOP State Committee will pick between these three candidates on October 11th.

If you would like to view the original posts, use these links: questions 1 and 2questions 3 through 5questions 6 through 9questions 10 through 12, and questions 13 and 14


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