Saturday, September 26, 2015

Coming Monday: Answers from the OKGOP Chair Candidates

Starting Monday and ending on Wednesday, I will be doing a 5-post series with answers from the survey I sent to the candidates for Oklahoma Republican Party chair. Members of the OKGOP State Committee will vote on October 11th for former chairman Randy Brogdon's replacement.

Here are the questions that Estela Hernandez, Robert Hubbard and Pam Pollard answered:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself (where you came from and how you got to be who you are today).
  • What do you consider to be the top three challenges for the next state chair?
  • How will you work with all factions in the party to bring about unity?
  • How do you plan to balance the party platform and the administrative duties of the office you are seeking?
  • What is your understanding of specific needs of the party during a Presidential election year?
  • How many presidential-year state conventions have you attended? 
  • Have you ever organized a Republican Party convention? If so, which conventions and in what capacity?
  • What are your specific plans to raise funds for the party and do you have any experience running a statewide organization? 
  • Republicans dominate in the legislature, and have total control of statewide elected positions. What is your plan to win offices at the county level? 
  • Do you plan to run for chair at the state convention in May?
  • The Oklahoma Republican Party currently has conventions in three out of four years. Could you explain why we don’t have a convention every year?
  • Please explain the national delegate selection process? Also, do you prefer voting on at-large delegates individually, or by a slate?
  • Financial reports under Chairmen Jones and Pinnell were transparent, detailed, easy to follow, and utilized the same layout/format in handouts. They also personally gave detailed verbal reports to the State Committee. Do you plan to 1) personally give financial reports at State Committee meetings, and 2) use a report format that is as detailed, transparent and easy to follow as Jones’ and Pinnell’s?
  • Closing statement.

Check back on Monday for the first glimpse at their answers, along with reasons for why I asked some of the questions!


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