Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inhofe, Coburn, Bridenstine rank high in Club for Growth's 2013 scorecard

Club for Growth issued their 2013 scorecard yesterday, and some members of Oklahoma's delegation ranked very high. Sen. Jim Inhofe received a 94% (7th in the Senate), Sen. Tom Coburn got a 93% (8th in the Senate, and Rep. Jim Bridenstine received a 92% (8th in the House).

For the rest:

  • Rep. Markwayne Mullin: 75% (92nd in the House)
  • Rep. James Lankford: 70% (120th in the House)
  • Rep. Frank Lucas: 53% (189th in the House)
  • Rep. Tom Cole: 49% (208th in the House)
Only 25 Republicans ranked lower than Tom Cole in 2013, according to Club for Growth's scorecard.

CFG also tracks lifetime records for members of Congress. Here's how Oklahoma's members rate:
  • Rep. Jim Bridenstine: 97% (first year to be rated)
  • Sen. Tom Coburn: 96%
  • Sen. Jim Inhofe: 93%
  • Rep. James Lankford: 76%
  • Rep. Markwayne Mullin: 75% (first year to be rated)
  • Rep. Tom Cole: 70%
  • Rep. Frank Lucas: 66%