Monday, February 03, 2014

Lankford leads Shannon 54%-18% in first poll

According to a poll released today by Harper Polling, Congressman James Lankford leads state house Speaker T.W. Shannon 54% to 18% in the race to replace Sen. Tom Coburn.

From Harper Polling:

Lankford’s advantage is driven by his popularity in the Oklahoma City media market where he leads House Speaker T.W. Shannon 77-9%.

In the state's other large media market Tulsa, Shannon trails by just 3%.

The poll included a hypothetical scenario with former congressman J.C. Watts as a candidate. Watts led with 40% to Lankford's 37% and Shannon's 8%.

Read more details here.

Also included in the poll, but barely a blip on the radar at 1%-2%, was no-name Republican candidate Jason Weger. Weger is openly homosexual, a paramedic in Norman, and a student at the University of Oklahoma.


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