Saturday, February 08, 2014

County-by-County Majority/Plurality Party Map

This year, I decided to create a map showing the majority/plurality party in each county.

Majority Republican: 21 counties
Plurality Republican: 8 counties
Majority Democratic: 41 counties
Plurality Democratic: 7 counties

The counties closest to going from Democrat plurality to Republican plurality are Custer (Dem: 44.12%, GOP: 43.11%), Jackson (Dem: 47.41%, GOP: 41.72%), Pawnee (Dem: 47.74%, GOP: 41.97%), Pottawatomie (Dem: 47.33%, GOP: 40.67%), and Nowata (Dem: 48.57%, GOP: 40.37%).


valerie said...

Do you think this reflects dems who vote R and never switched party registration? Anecdotally I know several people who fall in that category.