Monday, February 24, 2014

KJRH airs anti-homeschooling report

A recent KJRH news report on homeschooling was a real hatchet job, and Marla Bender has penned a great response at LibertyOnTap:

On February 17, 2014, news reporter Breanne Palmerini of KJRH Tulsa, gave a slanderous report on homeschooling in Oklahoma based on some children who appear to be school-aged and unsupervised during school hours near some Section-8 housing (61st and Peoria) in Tulsa. The gist of Palmerini’s report is that these Oklahoma children are not being educated at all, and homeschooling is to blame.

Providing absolutely no proof, Palmerini claims that these Tulsa children call themselves homeschoolers in order to dodge truancy laws. Her report recklessly proposes stricter laws over all Oklahoma homeschoolers as a remedy to assure an education for these neglected children.

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