Sunday, June 06, 2010

Rep. Christian Responds to Allegations

State Rep. Mike Christian (pictured) responded today to allegations that he was involved in a political corruption case, as claimed by Oklahoma County DA David Prater.
Statement from Representative Mike Christian

I’m here today to comment on the so-called investigation recently announced by District Attorney David Prater.

First of all, I want to say the recent allegations of public corruption are completely ridiculous. The only public corruption I’m aware of is on the part of David Prater, who is working with County Commissioner Brian Maughan to clear the way for Brian to run for this Senate seat.

Prater has violated his legal code of conduct by commenting to the press on his intention to call me before a grand jury. I believe he has made these comments in order to help Brian Maughan run for this senate seat. I have reason to believe the two of them have been in communication regarding the content and timing of the recent announcement by Prater.

Think about the timing of Mr. Prater’s announcement, and how convenient it is that he refuses to produce any evidence until after the primary elections. This is nothing but an abuse of power and political manipulation by a District Attorney and a power hungry County Commissioner.

I hope you will be asking them about the nature of their communication on this issue. And I hope the Attorney General, the District Attorney’s Council, and the Bar Association will take a hard look at Mr. Prater’s actions and comments.

Because of this conspiracy on their part, I have decided to seek re-election to my seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The people of my house district know me, and they know my character and integrity. In announcing this ridiculous investigation only days before filing opens, David Prater and Brian Maughan have ensured that I will have to focus my efforts on defending these baseless allegations, instead of campaigning for the Senate.

If you doubt what I’m saying today, you’ll need only to watch and wait. Mark my words: Brian Maughan will file for the Senate this week, which is and has been the goal of the conspiracy between Commissioner Brian Maughan and District Attorney David Prater.

For my part, I will seek re-election to my House seat, and use that position to continue fighting for the people of South Oklahoma City. I am a strong opponent of illegal immigration, I oppose tax increases, and I fight against wasteful spending. I will continue those positions in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Thank you for your time.

Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan told News9 that, "I am just as surprised and concerned as anyone about the recent developments regarding Senate District 44. However, I have no intention of running for the senate at this time." Oklahoma County DA David Prater also told the Oklahoma City TV station, "For [Mike] Christian to allege there is some conspiracy between me and Brian Maughan is absurd."

Filing foe office starts tomorrow and ends on Wednesday, so we'll soon know who will run for what office.


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