Thursday, June 17, 2010

BREAKING: Palin Endorses Fallin in OK Governor Race

In a Facebook "bulk" endorsement post today, former Alaska Governor, 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee, and overall conservative political heavyweight Sarah Palin endorsed Mary Fallin in the race for Oklahoma Governor.
Mary Fallin is another strong, smart conservative who I am proud to support. Mary is running for Governor of Oklahoma, and the Sooner State is fortunate to have her offer to serve in this new capacity. Mary’s another fiscal conservative with policy experience, political backbone, and real world knowledge that will serve the entire state well as she proves her mettle as Oklahoma’s next CEO. Her personal, professional, and political background gives her a healthy perspective on the challenges facing so many of our families and businesses. Mary truly understands public service, and she served her state with distinction in Congress and as the first Republican and first female lieutenant governor in Oklahoma history. Sharing the aforementioned foundational values of [Cathy McMorris Rogers] and [Star Parker] and so many other Americans, Mary also understands the complexities of our domestic energy policy and has been a consistent voice for energy independence. Please visit Mary’s website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

For Randy Brogdon supporters like myself, o-u-c-h.


  1. Well I have never cared much for anything Palin says – she's just piggy-backing on the Tea Party movement. But she practically says herself in the post that this is a completely gender-based endorsement. The whole thing is about how women are better than men.

    Sarah Palin should just officially endorse sexism.

  2. At first glance it does seem like a big "ouch" for Brogdon fans because so many Oklahomans look very favorably on Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, Palin has not been consistent in making the best choices in those she chooses to endorse. This is just another example.

    I think those who already support Brogdon will not be swayed by this endorsement. Those who have yet to decide probably haven't been paying that much attention to the race anyway, so they may not care about the endorsement.

    Have faith! The votes haven't been counted yet!


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