Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pinnell Touts Growing Support

Dear State Committee Member,

In recent days you should have received an email from me, and you will receive a letter soon letting you know that I want to be your next Oklahoma State Republican Party Chair.

My communications are intended to tell you a little more about me, and why my qualifications make me the best choice for this position. I want you to know that I am working hard every day to earn your vote on Saturday, June 26th.

It's been a privilege to speak with almost every State Committee member in the state. I've worked in the trenches with many of you, and it's an honor to receive so much support from the true grassroots leaders in our Party.

If you are ready to support me and help unite this Party--like those listed below--please press here.

C    Alfalfa        Greg Graham
C    Canadian    Pete Katzdorn
VC    Canadian    Shelley Dickerson
SCM    Canadian    Jerry Bowser
C    Carter        Majorie Brown
SCM    Carter        Lindle    Flatt
SCW    Carter        Anna Flatt
C    Cherokee    Gary Gore
SCM    Cherokee    Harry House
SCW    Cherokee    Linda House
C    Cleveland    Bob Cleveland
VC    Cleveland    Tessa Breder
SCM    Cleveland    Steve Byas
SCM    Comanche    Bill Edmonson
SCW    Comanche    Mary Edmonson
C    Creek        Mark Hall
VC    Creek        Debra Henley
SCM    Creek        Jonathan Hall
SCW    Creek        Beverly McVey
C    Custer        Steve Millspaugh
SCW    Custer        Rose Millspaugh
C    Ellis        Carol Murphy
VC    Ellis        Glenn Dorr
SCM    Ellis        Franklin Fox
SCW    Ellis        Linda Fox
C    Garfield    Cordon DeKock
SCW    Garfield    Carol Courter
C    Garvin            Allie Burgin
VC    Garvin            Sharon Burgin
C    Grady        Wade Steelman
C    Haskell        Michael Ogden
VC    Haskell        Lora Tabor
SCM    Haskell        Martin Dyer
SCW    Haskell        Hilda Dyer
C    Jackson        David Brown
VC    Jefferson    Jerry Wallace
C    Kingfisher    Robert Barnett
VC    Kingfisher    Stephanie Milligan
SCW    Kingfisher    Cheryl Kramer
C    LeFlore        Deann Williams
VC    Lincoln        Paula Fuqua
C    Love        Pat Owens
C    Major        Oma Gay Nichols
SCM    Major        Kyndell Nichols
SCW    Mayes        E.J. Pembleton
C    McClain        Gordon Harness
VC    McClain        Polly Ward
C    McIntosh    Andrea Phillips
VC    Murray        Casey Killblane
SCM    Murray        Skip Healey
C    Muskogee    Jerry Huffer
SCM    Muskogee         Jamison Faught
C    Noble        Nancy Stirman
SCM    Noble        Rod Stirman
SCW    Noble        Lorena Smithheisler
C    Nowata        James Pierson
VC    Nowata        Sue Pierson
SCM    Nowata        Fred Barrowman
SCW    Nowata        Jeanne Barrowman
SCM    Oklahoma    Charles Potts
SCW    Okmulgee    Janica Edmonds
C    Payne        Cade Crawford
VC    Payne        Brenda Magdeburg
SCM    Payne        Tray McCune
SCW    Payne        Norma Shamblin
C    Pittsburg    Lonnie Lu Anderson
SCM    Pittsburg    Jess Davis
SCW    Pittsburg    Janis Davis
SCM    Pontotoc    Ryan McMahan
C    Rogers        Sherri Stone
VC    Rogers        Anna Bavido
C    Tulsa        Sally Bell
VC    Tulsa        J.B. Alexander
SCM    Tulsa        Jeff Applekamp
SCW    Tulsa        Anne Patterson
C    Wagoner        Jerry LaFayette
VC    Wagoner        Michelle Byte
SCM    Wagoner        Rick Moore
SCW    Wagoner        Sandy Hodges
C    Washington    Grace Hickman Farmer
VC    Washington    John Kahre
SCM    Washington    Joe Beffer
SCW    Washington    Debra Cook
SCW    Woods        Marceline Piper
C    Woodward    Justin Coffin
Nat'l CW         Carolyn McLarty
DC    1st District    Grace Hickman Farmer
DVC    1st District    Jerry Buchanan
DC    2nd District    Jo Rainbolt
DC    3rd District    Debra Henley
DC    5th District    Elayne Dennis
Chair    OFCR        Connor Ferguson
Chair    OFYR        Michael Patlan
ORP    Treasurer    A.J. Ferrate

God Bless,

Matt Pinnell
918-728-1654 (day or night)


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