Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campaign Contributions from 2010 Statewide Candidates

According to ethics reports on, the candidates below contributed the following amounts to Republican and Democrat candidates. A few candidates are not listed as having donated to campaigns. Some of these are interesting.

State Auditor and Inspector

State Auditor Steve Burrage (D) - incumbent
  • $37,500 to 16 Democrat candidates/committees
  • $500 to one Republican candidate
David Hanigar (R) [donated exclusively to Democrats, switched parties last fall]
  • $1,710 to Democrat Auditor Jeff McMahan
  • $1,895 to Democrat Attorney General Drew Edmondson
  • $80 to the Oklahoma Democratic Party
  • $100 to Democrat State Treasurer Scott Meacham
Gary Jones (R) [now-former OKGOP chairman; ran for Auditor in 2002, 2006]
  • $18,242 to 28 Republican candidates
  • $264,749 to own campaigns for Auditor

Attorney General

Jim Priest (D)
  • $500 to 2 Democrat candidates
  • $300 to 2 Republican candidates
Ryan Leonard (R)
  • $1,000 to 9 Republican candidates
Scott Pruitt (R)
  • $425 to OKGOP
  • $165,850 to his Lt. Governor campaign

Lieutenant Governor

Kenneth Corn (D)
  • $5,012 to 6 Democrat candidates/committees
Todd Lamb (R)
  • $550 to 3 Republican candidates
John Wright (R)
  • $615 to 5 Republican candidates/committees
  • $525 to his own State House campaign
Bill Crozier (R)
  • $578 to 4 Republican candidates/committees
  • $75 to former Democrat State Sen. Stratton Taylor
Richard Prawdzienski (I)
  • $300 to one Republican candidate
  • $100 to one Independent candidate
  • $10,308 to his own Independent campaigns

State Treasurer

Owen Laughlin (R)
  • $2,400 to 6 Republican candidates
Ken Miller (R)
  • $100 to one Republican candidate
  • $20,000 to his own State House campaign
  • $500 to his 2004 State House campaign from his ex-wife, Tina

More races to come later.


  1. Gary Jones and Owen Laughlin's generosity is stunning.

  2. Gary Jones is a fantastic guy, I wish I were in Oklahoma right now so I could volunteer.


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