Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Wow: Pro Tem Treat replaces Senate Appropriations chair in final month of session

Well, this was very unexpected. Treat canned Senate budget chairman Roger Thompson in the final month of the legislative session, approaching the height of budget negotiations...

Pro Tem Treat Announces Senate Appropriations Chairman Change

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, today announced a change to his appropriations chairman.

Pro Tem Treat has selected Senator Chuck Hall, R-Perry, to replace Senator Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, as his appropriations chairman.

Senator Paul Rosino, R-Oklahoma City, will now serve as appropriations vice chair.

“Senator Thompson has done a tremendous job as appropriations chairman and has a firm handle on the state budget,” Pro Tem Treat said. “He has been an invaluable appropriations chairman and I have the highest regard for Sen. Thompson. However, as we continue our transition into our new transparency efforts, it is vital to move forward accordingly. Sen. Hall has a firm grasp on the budget and is who I think is in the best position to guide our new transparency efforts moving forward. I was incredibly impressed with the way Sen. Hall navigated the ARPA process and the way he conducted those meetings, which makes him a natural fit for this role. He is committed to our new process and has proven himself more than capable.

“Likewise, Sen. Rosino is deeply invested in the budget process, and is all in on the transparency efforts we have undertaken thus far. I appreciate each one of these senators and I consider them personal friends. However, for this process to be successful, change was necessary, and this is what I see as the best fit.”

To read more about Senator Chuck Hall, click here.

To read more about Senator Paul Rosino, click here


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