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Senate leaders comment on passage of state budget

Pro Tem Treat, Appropriations Chair Sen. Hall Comment on Passage of Budget Bill
Senate Bill 1125 first in new budget transparency process 

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 28th) – Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R-Oklahoma City, and his Appropriations Chairman, Sen. Chuck Hall, R-Perry, today released the following statements after the state budget bill for Fiscal Year 2025 passed off the Senate floor this morning.

Senate Bill 1125 passed off the Senate floor 31-11.

“This has been an historic process and has brought the budget to light for all Oklahomans to see how we negotiate and come to an agreement,” Pro Tem Treat said. “I am proud of this process and the widespread support it has gotten from everyone involved. I said from the beginning, this process would be difficult. There were starts, stops and bumps in the road. But we were able to give a behind-the-scenes look at how we come to the budget agreement, line-by-line. This budget has been fully transparent and has shown the process from beginning to end. It includes the largest tax cut in state history in the grocery tax that was signed into law earlier this year, helps victims of domestic violence, helps law enforcement and addresses many other issues that will help all Oklahomans, while staying fiscally conservative.

“I extend my continued gratitude to our principal negotiators, Appropriations Chairman, Sen. Chuck Hall, Appropriations Vice Chairman Sen. Paul Rosino and Majority Floor Leader, Sen. Greg McCortney, who put in excessive hours and manpower before, during and after today’s passage of the budget. It is my hope the legislature continues this process and make it better in the future.”

To view details of the state’s Fiscal Year 2025, $12.47 billion budget, click here.  

To view an appropriations summary of the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, click here.

“I’m immensely proud of this budget that was crafted through a uniquely transparent process that included countless public meetings to discuss, debate and reach a compromise on each and every funding item,” Sen. Hall said. “This conservative budget includes key investments to improve our public schools, aid law enforcement, enhance health care, upgrade critical infrastructure and tackle decades of deferred maintenance. I appreciate Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat for trusting me to finalize this spending plan, and I want to thank all of my colleagues who participated in this process to make this our best budget yet.

“I am also grateful to my personal friend, Sen. Roger Thompson, who has mentored me and helped guide me through this process for many years. He is a tremendous person and professional and I will always be thankful to him for his guidance.”


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