Friday, January 19, 2024

Legislature completes bill filing for 2024 session

The Oklahoma Legislature bill filing deadline* has passed, and for once, after a new record last year, the pile of paper has lessened somewhat. The last time fewer new bills were filed was in 2018. Even-numbered years, being the second half of each two-year legislative term, tend to have fewer measures filed than the first [odd-numbered] year of the term. 

2024: 2,077
2023: 3,079
2022: 2,299
2021: 3,049
2020: 2,240
2019: 2,815
2018: 1,954
2017: 2,242

Read on for the press releases from the House and Senate.
*as I've posted before, nothing is really dead or can't be filed until the legislature adjourns, if the right people really want/need it.

House Completes Bill Filing for 2024 Session

OKLAHOMA CITY (January 19th) – The Oklahoma House of Representatives completed bill filing Thursday, Jan. 18, for the second regular session of the 59th Legislature. A total of 1,210 House Bills, 12 House Joint Resolutions and one House Concurrent Resolution were filed.

The full text of the bills, along with additional information including authors and co-authors, can be found online at

Last year, the Clerk of the House reported 1,901 House Bills, 44 House Joint Resolutions and one House Resolution were filed. A total of 1,463 House Bills and 42 House Joint Resolutions filed in 2023 are still available for consideration in the second regular session. Joint resolutions may be filed at any point during the session.

The House is currently comprised of 80 Republicans and 20 Democrats with one vacancy. The second regular session of the 59th Legislature will begin Monday, Feb. 5, at noon with the State of the State address from Gov. Kevin Stitt in the House Chamber.

Senate Completes Bill Filing for 2024 Legislative Session

OKLAHOMA CITY (January 19th) – The Oklahoma Senate has completed bill filing for the Second Session of the 59th Legislature.

As of the deadline yesterday, Senators filed 841 Senate Bills and 13 Senate Joint Resolutions. The number of bills include legislation under Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat’s revised budget transparency plan.

Senate rules also allow for bills by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate to be filed throughout the session. Senate Resolutions and Senate Concurrent Resolutions can be filed throughout the session as well.

Individuals interested in reading and reviewing the filed legislation can access them by going to the Senate website at The Senate website also includes daily agendas, meeting notices, calendars, links to live proceedings and biographical information for all Senate members for the upcoming legislative session.

The 2024 legislative session will convene at noon on Monday, Feb. 5. The Senate offers streaming audio and video with closed captioning from the Senate Chamber, as well as from all committee rooms on its website.  


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