Saturday, January 27, 2024

Gov. Stitt snaps back as Pro Tem Treat says Senate won't act on his tax cut special session

Another year, another special session for possible tax cuts, another spat between pro-tax-cut Governor Stitt and tax-cut-hesitant Senate Pro Tem Treat. Treat won't take action on tax cuts in special session, to which Gov. Stitt snaps back:

Pro Tem Treat Announces Senate will Take No Action During Monday’s Special Session

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 24th) – Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, R – Oklahoma City, today announced the Oklahoma Senate will gavel into Monday’s special session and adjourn immediately following, taking no action.

“Nothing has changed in the Senate’s position since the last special session was called in October,” Pro Tem Treat said. “The senate plans to gavel to call of the chair. The appropriate time for discussion on budget and taxes is during regular session that starts a week after the governor’s special session call. Since there is no agreement, special session – a week prior to regular session - is just political theater and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“During the regular session and only after we have certified numbers from the Board of Equalization, is when we will know how much we have to spend. I feel like the governor’s numbers compared to what we are seeing are simply not accurate.

“For these reasons and more are why my colleagues in the Senate will adhere to the Constitution by coming in for the special session and adjourn on Monday, without action on legislation.”

Pro Tem Treat will host a media availability Monday following the adjournment of special session. The time and location will be announced at a later date. 


OKLAHOMA CITY (January 24, 2024) - Governor Kevin Stitt released the following statement regarding the Senate's unwillingness to vote on tax cuts:

“All I asked was for Senator Treat to put a quarter-point tax cut up for a vote. The Senate is refusing to do what 65% of Oklahomans support: cutting taxes. If anything is a waste of taxpayer money, it is the refusal of Senate leadership to give Oklahomans a well-deserved pay raise.”


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