Monday, September 25, 2023

Dusty Deevers receives impressive conservative endorsements in SD32 special election

Pastor Dusty Deevers, GOP candidate in the Senate District 32 special election, has received several impressive endorsements from conservative Oklahoma and national groups.

The winner-take-all primary election for this Lawton-area seat will be October 10th, with the general election on December 12th. As I said previously, Dusty is an articulate communicator, tenaciously committed to principles that are fundamentally grounded on God's Word. He'll be a fierce advocate for conservatism, and will be a senator who can effectively resist the "Swamp" at the State Capitol. If you live in Senate District 32, I encourage you to vote for Dusty Deevers on October 10th!

Gun Owners of America:
It is essential for gun owners to know that Dusty Deevers is an ardent supporter of your Second Amendment rights. Naturally, he survived the crucible of GOA’s rigorous endorsement process that re-enforces our No Compromise mission statement and scored 100% on his Candidate Survey.

Here is what Dusty Deevers has to say, in his own words, about your Second Amendment rights:

“Our rights are given by God, not man. They are not granted by a document, but they are to be protected by that document and by the government formed by it. I will oppose any and all attempts to limit our God-given, constitutionally protected rights.”

A forthright and prudent declaration of fidelity to our nation’s First Principles from a promising Statesman!  

That’s why GOA is endorsing Dusty Deevers for Oklahoma State Senate District 32. So, be sure to vote for Pastor Deevers in the special election primary by October 10th!  

A vote for Dusty Deevers is a vote against Arbitrary Government & one for Liberty!

Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association (OK2A):

OCPAC Action:

Oklahoma for Health and Parental Rights:
OKHPR is proud to announce an endorsement for Dusty Deevers. Dusty Deevers is a pastor in Elgin, OK who is running for Senate District 32. The primary election for this senate district will take place on October 10th!

Deevers is a member of and we need everyone reading to chip in to secure his victory. This race is LIKELY THE MOST IMPORTANT SENATE RACE IN TERMS OF VOTES FOR SENATE LEADERSHIP this upcoming Fall. This race is winner take all and his opponents HAVE NOT even bothered to contact us or turn in a survey. Deevers received a 100%!

Young Americans for Liberty:


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