Friday, December 03, 2021

State House GOP calls for special session on overreaching federal vaccine mandates

House Republicans support special session on overreaching federal vaccine mandates

OKLAHOMA CITY – House Republicans support convening a special session to pass legislation addressing federal vaccine mandates facing court injunctions due to major constitutional concerns.

"President Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates are already under court injunctions secured by House Bill 1236 legal challenges," said House Speaker Charles McCall, R-Atoka. "The injunctions are positive developments, but they are not permanent protections for Oklahomans being forced to choose between their freedom or their jobs. Just as House Republicans led to enact House Bill 1236, we stand ready at any time to fight overreaching federal vaccine mandates via legislation in a special session. House Republicans support securing freedom for Oklahomans immediately."

Through a lawsuit filed using the authority and funding granted by House Bill 1236 – coauthored by nearly all House Republicans – Attorney General John O'Connor secured a nationwide injunction Tuesday against attempted federal vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

The injunction was the second major victory by states against federal vaccine mandates. A prior court injunction issued against an attempted federal vaccine mandate on employers of 100 or more remains in effect while court proceedings continue. Oklahoma is part of additional court actions that are pending against vaccine mandates for federal employees, contractors and Oklahoma National Guard members.

Special sessions can be called by the governor or upon the signatures of two thirds of the members of each legislative chamber. Regular session does not begin until Feb. 7. 


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