Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Poll: Stitt, Lankford hold large leads, Dahm now second in Senate primary

According to a new survey from Amber Integrated, Governor Kevin Stitt (R) holds a 47% to 32% lead over Joy Hofmeister (D) in the 2022 gubernatorial race, while U.S. Senator James Lankford (R) holds a commanding lead over his two GOP challengers - garnering 56% to State Sen. Nathan Dahm's 9% and Jackson Lahmeyer's 8%.

I find the Senate results to be somewhat ironic. When Nathan Dahm announced he was joining the race, Jackson Lahmeyer supporters loudly complained on social media that Dahm was getting in too late (a laughable statement). 

In the previous Amber poll, Lankford had 62%, Lahmeyer had 21%, and Dahm (who had just entered) was at 3%. Now, Dahm and Lahmeyer are statistically tied after Lahmeyer's support plunged dramatically. 

Anyway, the following release has some more results and details:

New Survey Shows Partisan Split on COVID; Gov. Kevin Stitt Maintains Lead Over Supt. Joy Hofmeister in Governor’s Race

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma-based public affairs firm Amber Integrated has released a survey measuring voter attitudes about elected leaders and other political issues and current events. This survey was conducted from December 15 - December 19, 2021, and included a pool of 500 registered voters in Oklahoma. This survey has a margin of error of 4.38% at a 95% confidence interval. 

The full survey, including crosstabs, can be downloaded here.

Some key findings include:

Republicans list economic concerns as their number one priority, while Democrats say COVID is.

In December, 13% of voters identified COVID-19 as their number one public policy concern that state lawmakers should address, topped by “jobs and the economy” (28%) and education (15%). Concern over COVID sharply diverges among party lines.

  • For Democrats, fighting COVID is the number one issue, with 22% identifying it as a priority, before “jobs and the economy” (18%) and education (16%).
  • Just 6% of Republicans, however, identify COVID as their number one issue. Instead, Republicans say they are primarily concerned with “jobs and the economy” (36%), “law and order” (16%) and education (16%).Independents list their priorities as “jobs and the economy” (26%), COVID-19 (18%) and education (15%).

Gov. Kevin Stitt is beating Supt. Joy Hofmeister in a head-to-head matchup.

  • Gov. Kevin Stitt is currently leading Joy Hofmeister in a head-to-head matchup, with 47% of voters saying they would vote for Stitt or lean towards voting for Stitt and 32% saying they would vote for Hofmeister or lean towards Hofmeister. Twenty-one percent remain undecided. Those numbers remain almost unchanged from an October survey that showed 49% of voters reporting they would vote for Stitt or leaned towards Stitt and 33% saying the same of Hofmeister.

U.S. Sen. James Lankford has a large lead in his primary election; other Republican primaries are toss-ups.

  • Fifty-six percent of Republican voters say they plan on voting for Lankford or lean towards Lankford in the upcoming primary election for U.S. Senate, compared to 9% for State Sen. Nathan Dahm and 8% for Jackson Lehmeyer. Twenty-four percent remain undecided.
  • In other Republican primary races, however, a majority of voters remain undecided, making these races wide-open. Fifty-six percent of Republican voters are undecided when it comes to who they will support in the race for attorney general, 57% are undecided on who they will support in the race for state superintendent of public instruction, and 52% are undecided on who they will support in the primary election for state treasurer.

Voters support Gov. Stitt’s decision to take Julius Jones off death row. 

  • Fifty-five percent of all voters say they support Gov. Kevin Stitt’s decision “to stop Julius Jones’ execution and take him off death row.” That includes a large majority of Democrats (67%), a majority of independents (52%) and a plurality of Republicans (47% who support the decision vs. 33% who disagree). Just 26% of all voters say Gov. Stitt should have gone forward with the execution.

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  1. I disagree with this poll -- where did it come from, Lankford's campaign? I spoke with John Bennett yesterday, he disagrees as well and says Roger Stone ran his own independent unbiased numbers prior to taking over Lahmeyer's campaign and would have NEVER wasted his or Jackson's time/money if he didn't believe he was in a position to win. I have always loved Nathan Dahm, but pledged my support for Lahmeyer prior to Dahm's candidacy declaration because Lankford the RINO MUST GO. I would have expected your sources to be more unbiased Jamison and you know as well as I do what kind of damage you can do perpetuating false polls. Please do more research and update this article. Thanks!


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