Saturday, April 17, 2021

State House passes bill aimed at preventing public meeting disruptions

House Passes Bill Aimed at Curbing Public Meeting Disruptions

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 15th) – Yesterday the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 403, a bill that will extend current statutes regarding the disruption of state meetings to cover school boards, county and municipal governments.

SB 403 was authored by Rep. Robert Manger, R-Oklahoma City, in the House and Sen. Brenda Stanley, R-Midwest City, in the Senate.

“We have rules of decorum that govern how business is handled in the Capitol, and I believe that same decorum should apply to other political subdivisions,” Manger said. “There are plenty of avenues for voices to be expressed on the issues without having to disruptively protest during a meeting.”

The bill will make it unlawful to disrupt or interfere with the business of any political subdivision.

“Because these boards, commissions and other entities are acting on behalf of the citizens they serve, the people have a right to access those meetings,” Stanley said. “This legislation is aimed at ensuring those meetings can be conducted in a civil, orderly way.”

SB 403 passed the House by a vote of 74-15 and previously passed the Oklahoma Senate by a vote of 36-9. It will now be sent to the Governor’s desk for signature.


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