Friday, April 16, 2021

Powerful Video: Open Your Church

The Canadian church is undergoing persecution for obeying the clear command of Scripture to assemble the saints for divinely-designated corporate worship. Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church in Edmondton, Alberta, spent over a month in prison for daring to hold worship services and preach at his church. Other pastors and churches have been fined and threatened with imprisonment.

One of those other churches is Trinity Bible Chapel in Windsor, Ontario. From

Pastor Jacob Reaume has been fined thousands of dollars and faces jail time. The six elders have all been fined thousands. The church has 26 charges before the court and faces 30 million dollars in fines. They had a service in January that cost them $83,000 – fines and court costs which are not able to be waived, removed, or appealed.

A few weeks ago, Trinity Bible Chapel put out the following video, featuring their pastor and other likeminded pastors across Canada exhorting churches to open. 

These brave Canadian pastors are men. The American church needs more like them.

Open your church.


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