Thursday, April 08, 2021

Anti-Science Dems slam Pro-Science GOP for bill protecting women's sports

First of all, notice how the alphabet soup of sexual deviancy continues to grow? LGBT... LGBTQ... LGBTQ+... LGBTQ2S+... eventually it will literally be an alphabet long. It must be a wearisome task updating doctrinal language of the new religion of wokeness (or, as Erick Erickson calls it, Woke-O Haram).

Second, the "Party of Science" sure hates science as it relates to human biology. The first victims in the secular drive for sexual deviancy are always women and children.

Third, as should be obvious, I don't post every press release that I receive and I don't agree with every press release that I post. The ones I publish are worthy of publication for public distribution or public ridicule (the latter in this case).

The modern Democratic Party has embraced pure lunacy.

Democrats Respond to Anti-Trans Legislation

OKLAHOMA CITY -- House Minority Leader Emily Virgin, D-Norman, and State Rep. Mauree Turner, D-OKC, released the following statements today in response to Senate Bill 2, which prohibits anyone of the male sex from playing on athletic teams designated for females, women, or girls. The bill is specifically aimed at Oklahoma’s transgender student population. 

SB2 originally modified the duties of the School Finance Review Commission, but an amendment to change the legislation completely was filed just an hour before the committee.  

State Rep. Mauree Turner:

“In the middle of a pandemic, Oklahomans are facing real issues," Turner said. "We need infrastructure, but my colleagues continue to double down on legislation that denies the existence of trans youth. Trans girls are girls - full stop.

“I understand if some of the folks across the aisle don't know how to care for communities and address the root cause of the problems these communities are facing. I can even understand if they don't have the vision or drive to do long-term work, but that means they are not fit to lead Oklahomans. We all deserve better leadership.

“The majority party knows this legislation is wrong and will do anything they can to continuously show Oklahomans, including myself, that we are not welcome - but this is the people’s building. 

“We will continue to show up in the face of bigotry and anti-trans legislation. We have defeated other anti-LGBTQ2S+ and anti-trans legislation, and we will do it again- but we can't do it without you and groups like ACLU of Oklahoma, Freedom Oklahoma and so many more. Please keep fighting.”

House Minority Leader Emily Virgin: 

“At some point this session, I hope we can get to the problems Oklahomans are facing,” Virgin said. “Every day Oklahomans struggle to find meals for their children. We have communities whose infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating. Our schools are lacking resources, and our citizens feel that they are falling further and further behind the cost of living.

“Senate Bill 2 doesn’t address any of these issues. In fact, it ostracizes children and casts a dark cloud on our state’s reputation nationally. Our tax structure means nothing if businesses refuse to be associated with us due to the legislation we run. Instead of hurtful legislation, we need Oklahoma Focused solutions.”


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