Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Gov. Stitt signs major regulatory reform bill creating Joint Committee on Administrative Rules

SB 913 streamlines rule making process to cut red tape, reduce burdensome regulations for Oklahomans

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 12, 2021)— Governor Kevin Stitt signed groundbreaking regulatory reform into law today, building on the Break the Tape initiative and fulfilling another priority of the People’s Agenda. Senate Bill 913 will create the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
to review agencies’ rules throughout the year and streamlines the rule repeal process to help get unnecessary and costly regulations off the books quicker.

“I am thrilled to sign this reform into law and am grateful for the shared commitment in the Legislature and across all level of government to cut red tape and reduce burdensome regulations for Oklahomans,” said Governor Stitt. “SB 913 builds on our Break the Tape initiative and is another step forward to foster Oklahoma’s pro-business environment as we strive toward becoming a Top Ten state.”

Last year, Governor Stitt launched the Break the Tape initiative by issuing Executive Order (EO) 2020-03, aimed at reducing unnecessary Red Tape on the books in Oklahoma. As a result of this initiative, state agencies have nearly completed the first ever comprehensive review of Oklahoma’s Administrative Code and have identified over 3,700 sections of red tape in our state rules.

“State agency rules and regulations must be obeyed like any other laws. While many are necessary, others can be overly burdensome, expensive, or unnecessary. If we truly want to break the red tape, the legislature must take its oversight of the rule-making process more seriously. SB 913 provides the framework for the House and Senate jointly to do just that. We appreciate the Governor’s team working alongside us on this project and for his support on breaking the red tape,” said Senator Julie Daniels (R-Bartlesville), principal author of SB 913. “I want to extend my thanks to Representatives Terry O’Donnell, Tom Gann, Denise Crosswhite Hader, Senator Nathan Dahm and to Governor Stitt’s legal counsel for their diligence on this important legislation.”

“Senate Bill 913 fundamentally changes how rules are processed for the State of Oklahoma,” said Rep. Tom Gann, R-Inola, chair of the House Administrative Rules Committee. “The newly created Joint Committee on Administrative Rules will provide additional oversight to the administrative process. The interim study conducted by Senator Julie Daniels last summer brought in experts from around the country providing valuable instruction and best practices for Oklahoma to adopt. Senate Bill 913 is the product of that effort. I also thank Speaker Charles McCall and Speaker Pro Tempore Terry O’Donnell for making this a priority in the House, and Governor Stitt for his initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on the citizens of Oklahoma.”

“Creating the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and streamlining Oklahoma’s rule making process ensures our state can create, build and manage our infrastructure and provided services. SB 913 is a win for our businesses, farming operations, and working families. I applaud Sen. Daniels and Rep. O’Donnell for their hard work on this legislation,” said Secretary of Licensing and Regulation, Susan Winchester.


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