Tuesday, February 02, 2021

ACTION ALERT: Senate making early move to kill Abortion Abolition bill tomorrow?

They're at it again. It looks like the Oklahoma State Senate might be taking an early move to kill Senate Bill 495, the Equal Protection and Equal Justice Act that abolishes abortion in Oklahoma.

In an ironic move, this will be taking place on the annual 'Rose Day', an annual pro-life rally at the Capitol (being held virtually this year, because Rose Day is virtually worthless in accomplishing anything to actually end abortion of COVID-19). SB 495 challenges the status quo (of regulating abortion rather than ending it), and thus limp-wristed and weak legislative leaders seem to believe that it must be crushed before the Abolition Day rally on Tuesday the 9th.

Rather than doing half-measures, self-proclaimed pro-life legislators ought to take the consistent stand of conviction and abolish the wicked and barbaric practice of abortion, which murders upwards of 5,000 Oklahoma babies every year. The only measure in the legislature that does this is SB 495.

Don't pass the buck. Don't put the ball in someone else's court. Don't pass a do-nothing bill and tell us it did something. Act on the principles that you campaign on every two or four years, and actually fight the fight that's worth having, the one to abolish abortion. That is what our Christian, pro-life, conservative, and Republican legislators should be doing. Instead, it seems that they are once again headed down the path of failing to follow through.

Here's an emergency briefing from Free The States, an organization that is leading the charge to abolish abortion:

Call and email the members of the State Senate Health and Human Services Committee TODAY, asking them to PASS Senate Bill 495 and abolish abortion in Oklahoma. 

I'll update this post with contact information shortly.


Here are the members of the HHS Committee, with links to their contact information:

Chairman Greg McCortney (R-Ada): 405-521-5541 and mccortney@oksenate.gov
Vice Chairman Paul Rosino (R-OKC): 405-521-5618 and paul.rosino@oksenate.gov
Julie Daniels (R-Bartlesville): 405-521-5634 and julie.daniels@oksenate.gov
John Haste (R-Broken Arrow): 405-521-5602 and john.haste@oksenate.gov
Carri Hicks (D-OKC): 405-521-5543 and carri.hicks@oksenate.gov
George Young (D-OKC): 405-521-5531 and george.young@oksenate.gov
Frank Simpson (R-Springer): 405-521-5607 and frank.simpson@oksenate.gov
Rob Standridge (R-Norman): 405-521-5535 and rob.standridge@oksenate.gov
Adam Pugh (R-Edmond): 405-521-5622 and adam.pugh@oksenate.gov
Jo Anna Dossett (D-Tulsa): 405-521-5624 and joanna.dossett@oksenate.gov
Jessica Garvin (R-Duncan): 405-521-5522 and jessica.garvin@oksenate.gov

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  1. Thank you for notifying us of this important information!


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