Tuesday, February 02, 2021

OKGOP Chair says party platform supports abortion abolition bill SB495, calls for passage

With the Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee set to hear Senate Bill 495 tomorrow, the chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party wants legislators to know that the state GOP platform supports the abolition of abortion, and calls on committee members to pass SB 495 to the Senate floor:

The Republican Party platform makes it clear that whether you’re Pro Life or Abolitionist, abortion must stop in Oklahoma NOW! The party platform supports SB 495. As Chaiman of this party I support this bill and any other abortion bill that will stop the killing of innocent children. Now is the time for all Oklahomans to unite and stop this human sacrifice. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem, this is a problem for humanity. SB 495 will be heard in committee tomorrow I recommend you call your legislators and politely ask them to pass SB 495 out of committee to be heard on the floor.

David McLain, [OKGOP] Chairman

There's still time to contact the members of the HHS committee and exhort them to support and pass SB 495.


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