Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Cherokee, Sequoyah join 35 other 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' counties

Last week, two sheriffs declared their counties to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries, bringing the statewide total to 37 counties since February of 2020.

The sanctuary county movement was one of the big stories of 2020 before COVID-19 took over the stage. Between February 12th and March 2nd, twenty-six county sheriffs had made such declarations. They were supported by resolutions or statements by at least four county commission boards and one district attorney.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault issued the following open letter on January 25th:

Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane made a similar proclamation:
To the people of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma 
I am joining many other Sheriffs across Oklahoma, who have declared their counties to be Second Amendment sanctuaries. It is my intention, by making this declaration, to enforce our lawful citizens' rights to bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. The 2nd Amendment clearly outlines citizens can have firearms in their homes for self-defense, so long as they are law-abiding citizens and are not otherwise prohibited to possess firearms. I swore an oath to the constitution and will always stand by that oath. 
As Sheriff and chief Law Enforcement officer of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, it will always be the goal of the Sequoyah County Sheriffs Office to provide service and protection to the people of Sequoyah County, without infringing on their rights to possess firearms to protect themselves and their property. 
I am also declaring my support for Senator Warren Hamilton's Senate Bill 631 of the first session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature of 2021. If Senator Hamilton's bill is passed, it will make the entire State of Oklahoma a Second Amendment Sanctuary.
Both sheriffs also announced their support of SB 631 by Sen. Warren Hamilton (R-McCurtain), which would declare the State of Oklahoma to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary.


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