Sunday, September 20, 2020

Rep. Moore: State budget deficit inspires millions in savings proposals

Budget Deficit Inspires Millions in Savings Proposals

OKLAHOMA CITY – The House Insurance Committee held a recent interim study to review ways to decrease the cost of health insurance, save money and improve health insurance efficiencies.

Representatives of Strategic Cost Containment Concepts (SCCC), powered by AmWINS, presented RX Interceptor & Pharmacy Rebates, a proprietary program to provide significant savings to the state in prescriptions and medical care.

The RX Inceptor Program claims to help reduce prescription claims spend by 30% to 50%. The group works with pharmaceutical advocates to help eligible individuals qualify for savings on high-cost specialty medications. They say that up to 100% of the drug rebates, built-in stop-loss, and a full annual Pharmacy Performance Audit can account for savings to the state. 

SCCC has shown it can return large savings through this proprietary program and guarantee contracts to return money to the state that it would not otherwise receive. They say they can implement the program with little or no interruption in service to state employees and other insureds.  

When coupled with PrimeCare Indemnity, which provides direct primary care and urgent care services, a rough estimate of approximately $111 Million a year in guaranteed savings for three years is projected, premised upon on reviewing current data to ensure accuracy. Significant tax savings are available to employers and employees. Unlimited $10 doctor visits are key features of this wellness plan.

An Alternative Healthcare Plan was presented that provides a National PPO network for a cost reduction of up to 35% or more. The private and public sectors can utilize this plan that includes built-in dental and vision coverage. 

“The state of Oklahoma is projecting a billion-dollar-plus budget deficit next year, and we are thankful that innovative companies have approached us to help better our state,” said State Rep. Lewis Moore, R-Edmond, the author of the study. “Speaker McCall and Appropriations Chair Kevin Wallace have motivated us as chairmen and women to be receptive to change where we can improve efficiencies and save tax payer dollars,” Moore added.

“A savings plan to streamline processes and save the Oklahoma HealthCare Authority more than $661 million dollars is waiting to be acted upon.” Moore said.


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