Friday, September 18, 2020

Hern joins GOP caucus in introducing "Commitment to America" platform

Hern joins Republican Conference to introduce “Commitment to America” platform

WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, Representative Kevin Hern (OK-01) joined Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01), and the rest of the House Republican Conference to formally announce the Commitment to America agenda, which will focus on restoring the American way of life, rebuilding the greatest economy in American history, and renewing the American Dream.

“The atmosphere was full of hope and opportunity this morning,” said Rep. Hern. “While Democrats focus on everything that separates us, Leader McCarthy laid out a plan of unity that celebrates American exceptionalism and seeks to restore what has been lost this year. My colleagues and I have been working on this Commitment for a while, compiling over 150 policy proposals to support the key promises to Restore, Rebuild, and Renew.

“We all believe that America is worth fighting for; there is no place like it. Only in America can someone like me start with nothing and – with a lot of hard work and setbacks along the way – build something successful and have the opportunity to serve my community in Congress. With this Commitment to America, we are promising that same opportunity to all Americans. I am living proof that the American Dream is not dead. I want the next generations to know that anything is possible with a big idea and lot of hard work. Your Republican leaders have a clear path forward, a legislative agenda to benefit all American families, businesses, and communities.”

Rep. Hern concluded, “This is my commitment to you: I promise to put the American people first, to fight for my constituents across every aisle, and give you an America to believe in.”

You can watch the announcement here.

Policy proposals included in the Commitment to America can be found here and below.

Defeat the virus and keep Americans healthy

  • Triple rapid COVID testing and develop a vaccine that is safe, effective, and available this year
  • Invest in therapeutics and cures, slash drug prices, and end surprise medical billing
  • Protect individuals with pre-existing conditions and expand access to affordable telehealth services, mental health services, and opioid treatments
  • Modernize our medical stockpile to prepare for future pandemics

Ensure safe communities and neighborhoods

  • Oppose efforts to defund the police while increasing funding by $1.75 billion for better police training, community policing, and equipment, including 500,000 more body cameras
  • Continue to rebuild our military, support our troops, secure our border, and enforce our immigration laws

Protect our freedoms

  • Uphold free speech, protect religious liberty, defend the unborn, and safeguard the Second Amendment

Put Americans back to work and restore the record-setting economy from early 2020

  • Support millions of local businesses and their workers with $200 billion in forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program
  • Extend the $2,000 child tax credit and make permanent the Opportunity Zone credits that generate $10 billion each year in low-income communities
  • Continue proven pro-growth tax policies that increase take-home pay and encourage innovation

End dependence on China

  • Implement the China Task Force recommendations to move our supply chain for medicine, protective medical equipment, and technology out of China, increase U.S. manufacturing, and reach more free and fair trade deals

Upgrade and modernize our infrastructure

  • Bring high-speed internet to every household in the United States
  • Launch a five-year plan to fix our roads, bridges, and airports, while cutting the permitting process time in half

Unlock student potential with quality education

  • Allow students to go to the school their parents believe is best for them
  • Invest millions in high-quality science, technology, engineering, and math education

Honor our veterans

  • Fully fund the VA Choice healthcare program that trusts veterans to choose their own doctor while expanding GI education benefits so every veteran who wants a job can find one

Support citizens’ success and career advancement

  • Promote opportunities for career and technical education, workforce development, and lifelong learning so more Americans can earn a promotion or pursue a meaningful new career
  • Reach bipartisan consensus to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare and reduce our debt


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