Friday, September 25, 2020

1889 Institute: An Alliterative Appeal for Balanced Behavior and A Cease to COVID Craziness

An Alliterative Appeal for Balanced Behavior and A Cease to COVID Craziness
By Mike Davis

Allowing an admittedly adverse ailment to be inaccurately advertised as apocalyptic is abhorrent. An accurate assessment advises all to avoid alarmism and act appropriately. Anxieties are anticipated, but authentic appraisal admits an alternative: any of advanced age or anemic autoimmunity are advised to avoid acquaintances and afflicted areas. Able-bodied adults and adolescents are able to get back to business.

Bureaucrats ban beneficial business. Busybodies blinded by bombastic broadcasts belittle benign behaviors. But bravery bolsters benevolence. By bringing back businesses, cities can commence cooperative commerce. 

Concededly, Covid causes casualties. However, car crashes can be catastrophic. Curiously, coupes continue to cruise. Caution is called for, but we can't condone crippling cowardice.

Doubtless destiny dictates death for all, but this disease is dwindling. Digging in declares defeat, doing durable damage. Determination and daring can dethrone dread. Ducking destiny is doubtful. Dream. Discover. Delight in the days you do have. 

Emergency enactments were erroneous. Extending them is egregious. Encourage the elderly and enfeebled to eliminate their exposure. Everyone is entitled to evaluate exposure, estimate enrichment, and effectuate an equilibrium of risk and reward. Enable the economy. Educate. Every employee is essential.

Even excellent elected executives floundered, fearing floggings from fear-mongers for not forcing figures to find foxholes for the foreseeable future.

Fairness favors flexibility: folks who feasibly fear fatality can’t be faulted for fortifying. Fleeing fellowship is fruitful for fragile folks. But forcing the formidable to fritter away fruitful functions for flimsy freebies is foul. 

Getting gated in without guests grows gloom. Gainful gigs generate glee. 

High-risk humans hardly have a choice: homebound habitation is healthful. But healthy homo-sapiens should head for hotspots. Herd immunity will hasten a homecoming of historic habits.

Is it innocuous? What illness is? Inoculation is impractical to the immediate issue: indefinite immobilization of industry is immoral insofar as we’re incapable of issuing indispensable items by incantation. 

Jerks jeer judicious journeymen whose jobs they judge not-justified. 

Knowledge kindles the know-how we keenly need. Kick lengthy lockdowns, they’re ludicrous.

Mask mandates make many mad. Measured methods might make multitudes merrily minimize maladies by moderate means. 

Negating the natural order with novel norms that necessitate nose coverings (never mind this no-work nonsense) is a nonstarter. 

Officers overdo onerous ordinances. Ordinary operations ought to overrule orders from on high. Our overseers are not omniscient. 

Pull down the parabola? Performed. Proceed to previous patterns. Quit quivering in quarantine. Reopen restaurants. Save stores. Tolerate trade. Undo unnatural unemployment.

Viral response varies between the vivacious and the vulnerable. Vivre et laisser vivre.

When will we work? Extended exclusion of exchange is an excessive executive order. You yelling yet? Zone out the zealots!

The onus is on officials: open Oklahoma.

Mike Davis is a Research Fellow at 1889 Institute, and a recovering lawyer. The opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of 1889 Institute.


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