Sunday, September 27, 2020

Oklahoma District Attorneys Association votes to oppose SQ 805

Oklahoma District Attorneys Association Votes Overwhelmingly to OPPOSE State Question 805

Oklahoma City (September 24th) — The Oklahoma District Attorneys Association has voted to oppose State Question 805, stating that the measure is a danger to Oklahoma’s public safety.

“State Question 805 is a misguided proposal which would impact hundreds of serious crimes,” said Angela Marsee, Oklahoma District Attorneys Association officer. “Proponents claim it’s a reform that helps first-time offenders, but in reality it will serve get-out-of-jail-free cards on a silver platter to repeat violent offenders of domestic violence in the presence of a child, stalking, animal cruelty, home burglary, arson, DUI, or soliciting sex from a minor using technology.”

Oklahoma’s district attorneys also challenge S.Q. 805 with a fact-check about claims in their new ad:

FACT-CHECK: DAs Question the Veracity of S.Q. 805’s Claim that “Prosecutors” Support It

The association is also calling upon proponents of the SQ 805 to release the names of “prosecutors” it claims supports the state question. The Oklahoma D.A.’s association points out that every district attorney in Oklahoma (except for one) actually opposes the measure — and that proponents of S.Q. 805 are well aware that the district attorneys association voted against it.

FACT-CHECK: Oklahoma District Attorneys Suggest S.Q. 805’s TV Ad Doesn’t Share the “Full Rap Sheet”

The state’s top prosecutors are also calling upon proponents to share with the public the FULL criminal rap sheets of the individuals featured in their TV ad.

The ad shares stories of individuals they suggest are first-time criminals — yet the district attorneys state that first-time offenders who write “a few bad checks” wouldn’t be jailed as the proponents suggest. They suspect that proponents are highlighting limited facts about the cases, and that their rap sheets are likely much longer than proponents are letting on.

“Painting longtime criminal offenders as if they are first-time offenders is not only dishonest, it is a disservice to Oklahomans who are trying to decipher just how bad the policy behind SQ 805 is going to be,” said Marsee. “Today, we challenge the proponents to release the FULL records of the criminals featured in their ad, so Oklahomans can decide for themselves how many crimes are too many before a judge or jury determines they are a menace to society.”


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