Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Walkingstick comments on mudslinging by opponents in Cherokee chief race


Over the past week, two complaints were filed against David Walkingstick with the Cherokee Nation Election Commission by opponents of his campaign for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, including one complaint filed by a staff member of the Hoskin/Warner campaign and their affiliate group Cherokee Future LLC. On Wednesday evening, David Walkingstick released the following statement:

"The complaint filed last week by Chelsea Huber is nothing more than a desperate attempt from my opposition to drag me down politically because they fear that they cannot win this election on their own merits. Instead of running a clean election and focusing on the issues, my opponent has chosen to file a baseless complaint through Ms. Huber.

Less than a week after Ms. Huber's initial complaint, a campaign employee for Cherokee Future LLC and the Hoskin Warner campaign named Elizabeth Stroud filed yet another complaint in an attempt to continue the mudslinging.

This unethical tactic being used by my opposition only further highlights the need for positive change in our Cherokee Nation. When this administration gets desperate, they turn to fear and deceit as tactics to retain power. I will continue to run an issue-based campaign focused on positive reforms for our Cherokee people.

Our people are desperate for a leader who will address the issues that matter most, like the healthcare crisis and unequal services for Cherokees based on where they live. I am the only candidate running for Principal Chief with the vision and heart to solve these issues for our people. The scripture says that without a vision, the people will perish. I would encourage all Cherokee citizens to look deeper into these baseless allegations and ask themselves if they want a leader who will do anything to win or a leader who will continue fighting for our people."

You can follow the Walkingstick/Frailey campaign online by visiting or by liking “Walkingstick for Chief” on Facebook.


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