Saturday, April 06, 2019

David McLain wins OKGOP Chair race, Mike Turner wins Vice-Chair

Approximately 1,000 delegates attended the Oklahoma Republican Party's State Convention today, and voting just concluded moments ago on the election for State Chairman. David McLain, previous Tulsa County GOP Chairman, won with 69.86% of the vote, defeating previous Oklahoma County Chairman Daren Ward (21.64%) and Tulsa-area activist Darren Gantz (8.5%).

Voting is ongoing for the Vice-Chair race; I'll update when it finishes. The candidates are former OK Young Republicans chairman John Roberts, former one-term State Rep. Mike Turner, and Kyletta Ray.

UPDATE (3:48pm): the first round of ballots for Vice-Chair have now been cast and counted. Mike Turner got 42.03% of the vote, Kyletta Ray received 31.67%, and John Roberts garnered 26.3%. Turner and Ray are headed for a runoff vote.

UPDATE 2 (4:05pm): Mike Turner has been elected OKGOP Vice-Chair, defeating Kyletta Ray 52.96% to 47.04%.


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