Thursday, September 06, 2018

Election Results Maps: Attorney General runoff

This Election Results Map post looks at the GOP Attorney General runoff. Previously, I posted the State Auditor runoff, which can be viewed here.

Hunter won Oklahoma County by 21.85%, which enabled him to eke out a 271-vote victory. Hunter won 21 counties, Drummond won 55 counties, and Washita County ended in a dead tie.

Drummond won 40 counties that Hunter won in the primary. Hunter did not beat Drummond in any county that Drummond won in the primary.

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  1. Wow! Drummone won Tulsa County plus 55 of the other 77 counties... And still lost?!!
    Washita county went to Hunter in the June 26th primary.

    12 of 12 Precincts Completely Reporting

    ANGELA BONILLA 241, 17.80%
    MIKE HUNTER 615, 45.42%
    GENTNER DRUMMOND 498, 36.78%
    Total 1,354


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