Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Election Results Map: Libertarian Gubernatorial runoff

This Election Results Map post looks at the Libertarian Party's gubernatorial runoff . Previously, I posted the maps for the GOP State Auditor, Attorney GeneralCorporation CommissionLabor Commissioner, and Lieutenant Governor runoffs.

In the primary election, Chris Powell won 53 counties, while Rex Lawhorn won 16, with two counties tied between Powell/Lawhorn and one between Lawhorn/Exotic. Two counties had no votes cast.

In the runoff, Powell won 29 counties, Lawhorn won 26 counties, 9 were tied, and 13 had no votes cast. Despite the closer county tally, Powell did well where it mattered most, with large margins in the metros and counties where more than 20 Libertarians cast ballots.

32 counties had five or fewer votes cast; statewide, 926 Libertarians voted in their gubernatorial runoff.


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