Saturday, September 22, 2018

HD2 Democrat candidate issues childish gun challenge

Tom Stites, Democrat candidate in State House District 2, has challenged his Republican opponent Jim Olsen to a shooting match to determine who is more qualified to be the next state representative and protect gun rights.

As if one's accuracy with a firearm determines their ability to perform as a legislator -- or is any indication of the strength of their support for protecting the Second Amendment.

This is pandering, plain and simple, and an attempt to cover for his association with an extreme liberal party. Stites may well support the Second Amendment, and evidently he is an accomplished shooter, but his political party of choice seeks to curtail those constitutional freedoms. In fact, the gubernatorial nominee of Stites' own party is on record this year calling for new gun control measures and opposing constitutional carry legislation.

Stites made the challenge via video, and apparently through newspaper ads as well:

In an article by the Tulsa World, Olsen responded to this childish challenge by saying, "We are not running to be the sniper of Sequoyah County, but we are running for state representative. I may not hit a bull’s-eye every time with a gun, but when it comes to defending our Second Amendment rights, I am always dead center and that is why the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association has endorsed me."

HD2 is currently held by John Bennett (R-Sallisaw); Bennet did not file for reelection, thus the seat is open.

1 comment:

  1. Calling anyone childish is quite rich coming from the party of Trump.

    If the parties were reversed in this situation we both know you'd be saying the exact opposite anyway, so please spare us the blatantly disingenuous outrage.


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