Wednesday, May 24, 2017

State Senate passes $6.8B budget; House vote likely tomorrow

Shortly before 10:00pm this evening, the Oklahoma State Senate passed the FY2018 state budget by a vote of 33-13. SB 860 now goes to the State House, where it will likely be voted on tomorrow (rather than Friday, the final day of session).

All six Democrats voted against the appropriations bill, with seven Republicans also joining in opposition (Josh Brecheen, Nathan Dahm, David Holt, James Leewright, Adam Pugh, Joseph Silk, and Anthony Sykes).

Some details of the budget, including appropriation summaries by agency, are in this article that I posted last night. 17 agencies receive no spending cut, or get slight boosts in funding, in the SB 860 budget measure. List is below, courtesy of Jordann Lucero with Oklahoma City's KOKH FOX 25:

The Senate also passed SB 845, the "Smoking Cessation and Prevention Act of 2017", which [unconstitutionallyraises about $257,841,000 in new revenue. That measure can now be heard by on the House floor as well. The Senate vote was 28-18, with 12 Republicans and all 6 Democrats opposing it.


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