Friday, May 26, 2017

FOX23, TulsaWorld shamefully politicize legislators' children

Earlier this week, FOX23 and the Tulsa World cooperated on a story about lawmakers' education choices for their children, shamefully and shamelessly politicizing the children of legislators.

Judging from the article and accompanying videos, it appears that the FOX23 reporter harassed legislators over the past two months over whether they send their children to public schools, private schools, or whether they homeschool.

Children should not be politicized, or made a target due to their parent being in politics. Period, end of sentence.

In this day and age when political opponents and protestors invade private space, stalk, and threaten violence over political differences, there's no wonder why lawmakers would be hesitant to reveal details about the lives and whereabouts of their children to the media or anyone else. Besides, a significant portion of the members asked in the FOX23 video do not have school-aged children.

Shame on FOX23 and the Tulsa World for politicizing lawmakers' children.