Thursday, May 11, 2017

Education spending up $2.25B since '15 despite appropriations falling $58M

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs is running a series of articles entitled The Bogus Budget, exposing how Oklahoma government is spending record amounts of taxpayer money, even as legislative appropriations have flatlined or declined, all the while "pleading poverty and demanding tax hikes."

Here's one example. According to information from the State Senate, spending by the Oklahoma State Department of Education increased by $2,258,781,968 (that's $2.25B) between FY2015 and FY2017, even while appropriations fell $58,151,699.

Governor Fallin is calling for the Legislature to massively increase taxes on Oklahomans, but this data seems to paint a different picture. A growth of 2.25 BILLION dollars, while appropriations decreased needs explaining -- and that's just from one department.

OCPA's Bogus Budget articles so far: