Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Cindy Byrd kicks off State Auditor campaign

Oklahoma Watchdog - Cindy Byrd declares for State Auditor

May 8, 2017 --  Oklahoma Deputy State Auditor Cindy Byrd officially declared as a 2018 Republican candidate for State Auditor & Inspector during this past weekend’s state GOP convention. Byrd, a CPA, has spent more than 20 years providing accountability and transparency for state taxpayers.

“Auditing isn’t exciting to most people so it’s critically important to elect someone with a passion for crunching numbers, the skill to recognize discrepancies in fund balances, and to hold officials accountable to the public they serve," Cindy Byrd says.  “I have that passion. I know how to assist legislators and other public officials root out waste, eliminate duplication, and bring about efficient and effective delivery of government services.”

During her tenure at the State Auditor’s Office, Byrd identified waste and exposed corruption at the state and county level. Among her efforts was leading an audit in Rogers County that identified more than $5 million in fraud resulting in the indictment of two County Commissioners.

“Safeguarding public assets is at the core of everything I’ve done for more than two decades,” Byrd says. “Government employees have a moral obligation, as public servants, to assure Oklahomans that someone is looking out for them - to know someone is in their corner to identify government waste, help protect public funds, and assist public officials in remaining accountable."  

Byrd is a fourth-generation Oklahoman who travels our state each week working with county governments to make the most with the funds they have to spend. She has a plan to protect tax dollars and clean up government. You can read all about it at www.CindyByrd.com.


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