Thursday, October 06, 2016

32 Days Left: Electoral College Map

If the presidential election followed the current polling averages in each state, here's what the result would be:

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The last two weeks have not been good for the Trump campaign. In the two weeks since I last posted an electoral map, Trump has lost his lead in North Carolina and Nevada, and the gap between him and Clinton has increased ever-so slightly in states like Florida and Pennsylvania.

Polling hasn't caught up with any fallout from the vice-presidential debate, where Trump's running-mate Mike Pence trounced Tim Kaine. However, vice-presidential debates tend to have less impact on the race, and the viewing audience for this debate was smaller than any VP debate since 2000.

If this map held the same on election, but with Trump winning Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado, it would be a 269-269 tie.