Thursday, October 20, 2016

MVP: Lt. Gov. Lamb finishes 105th fundraiser for legislative candidates

Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb with SD1 GOP nominee Micheal Bergstrom and supporters

With an event today for Micheal Bergstrom, GOP nominee in Senate District 1, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb has now done 105 fundraisers for Republican legislative candidates since taking office.

In the last three weeks, Lamb has also done events for State Rep. Tommy Hardin (HD49), Scott McEachin (HD67), Tammy West (HD84), Dave Rader (SD39), State Rep. Elise Hall (HD100), State Sen. Joseph Silk (SD5), and Dell Kerbs (HD26).

The most traveled of Oklahoma's statewide elected officials, Lamb is also in the midst of his 7th 77-county tour (actual events in each county, not simply driving through).

Lamb has likely helped Oklahoma Republican candidates raise hundreds of thousands of dollars (if each fundraiser averaged just $2,000 - a fairly low amount - the total would be over $200,000). I applaud his dedication in helping Republican candidates across the entire state. I doubt any other Oklahoma Republican elected official has done put forth as much effort as this.

While some might rake in cash for their own committees, and donate a mere pittance to candidates, Lamb has stepped up to the plate to legitimately help candidates win elections.

When it comes to elected officials helping elect more Republicans, I'd say that Lamb wins the MVP award.


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