Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Primary Results: despite historic amount of candidates, few upsets

Votes are still being counted in from the primary election, but things have shaped up enough (or finished in some races) to see the final results. Despite a historic amount of candidates, there have been few upsets.

All five incumbent congressmen defeated their primary challengers. The closest race was in the 2nd District, where Markwayne Mullin leads Jarrin Jackson 63.3% to 36.7%.

So far, Jim Bridenstine received the highest total at 81.94%, despite having two opponents (Lucas, Mullin and Russell each had only one), and despite Tom Atkinson spending nearly as much or even more than Bridenstine did. In contrast, Mullin outspent Jackson at least 10-1 in his much smaller victory.

Finishing out the congressional primaries, Lucas got 78.3%, Cole got 71.5%, and Russell currently has 80.95%. On the Democratic side, Joshua Harris-Till is the 2nd District nominee, Christina Owen is the 4th District nominee, and former nominees Tom Guild and Al McAffrey are in a runoff in the 5th District (no candidate received more than 38% of the vote in that primary).

Of interest to Muskogee County, Dewayne Pemberton (R) and Jack Reavis (D) defeated their opponents in the Senate District 9 primaries. In House District 13, Avery Frix won a three-way GOP primary, and will face Democrat Wayne Herriman. Incumbent sheriff Charles Pearson lost the Democratic primary to Rob Frazier 52.62% to 47.38%; Frazier will face Republican Roger Posey in November.

The only incumbent state senator to be losing is Republican Corey Brooks (SD43), who is trailing with 48.08% and 49 of 54 precincts reporting.

There was slightly more drama in the state house, but still not much as far as upsets go, given how many contested primaries there were this time.

State Rep. Dennis Johnson (R-HD50) lost his reelection bid to Marcus McEntire 57.22% to 42.78%. Rep. Ken Walker (R-HD70) is currently losing with 46.21%, but only 13 of 22 precincts have reported. Rep. Charles Ortega (R-HD52) won with 50.9%. Rep. Donnie Condit (D-HD18) won with 50.51%. All other races with incumbents were won with large margins.

G.T. Bynum is beating Dewey Bartlett for Tulsa mayor 56.17% to 38.07% (148 of 185 precincts reporting).

See the federal and legislative results here, or go here for county-level results.


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