Thursday, June 23, 2016

Coburn talks Jackson, Bartlett, Bridenstine endorsements with Pat Campbell

Tulsa talk radio host Pat Campbell had former senator Tom Coburn on his program this morning to discuss Coburn's endorsements of Jarrin Jackson (2nd District), Dewey Bartlett (Tulsa mayor) and Jim Bridenstine (1st District).

The interview begins with the 2nd District race, and Coburn's reasoning on why he came out against incumbent Markwayne Mullin and supports his challenger, Jarrin Jackson.

Regarding Mullin, Coburn said, "Integrity is the only thing that really counts in politics. and when you tell somebody, you make a commitment to somebody that you're going to do something, and then you start wavering on that commitment, you have no standing with me at all after that." Coburn called Mullin after news broke that he was wavering on his term limits pledge, and Mullin still refused to say he would keep his pledge. In the interview, Coburn goes on to say "[Markwayne Mullin] doesn't have the integrity to keep his word, and to me that's the most important thing."

On Jarrin Jackson, Coburn said "He'll be another Jim Bridenstine if he's elected."

Campbell and Coburn talked about the Tulsa mayoral race. Coburn endorsed Dewey Bartlett in his first race, and supports him for reelection. Coburn appreciates Bartlett's business background and desire to serve Tulsa without making a career in politics. He went on to say "The criticisms I've heard of Dewey are minor in comparison to the risks of having some young guy with really no real world experience except politics - I mean, that's all there is, there's nothing there except politics - being the mayor of Tulsa."

When the conversation moved to the 1st District race, Coburn said "Bridenstine was the easiest endorsement I've ever done in my life. He votes right. Every time. I don't have to worry about how Jim Bridenstine votes, because he's going to look at the Constitution, he's going to look at limited government, he's going to vote that way. Every time, no matter what the rest of the Oklahoma delegation does."

Listen to the whole interview below:


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