Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BROKE: Trump has less cash-on-hand than TOM COLE

One of Donald Trump's biggest claims during the primary was that he was self-funding, and wouldn't be needing campaign donations because he is so rich. That is, until he completely flip-flopped and started asking for donations and fundraising. Turns out that self-funding is easier said than done when most of your wealth is not in liquid assets.

Now, his campaign is practically broke. Want some illustrations?

At the end of May, the last reporting period, Trump's campaign had $1,289,507.76 in cash on hand. He raised $3,104,619.98 during the month of May (and personally donated or loaned $2,293,966.27). In contrast, in May of 2012 Mitt Romney raised $16,002,050.79 and had $16,999,665.75 in cash on hand, not counting RNC money or Romney Victory committee cash.

Additionally, Trump's campaign is carrying a lot of debt, in the form of personal loans amounting to $45,703,185.39.

Contrast Trump's situation with his Democratic counterpart. Hillary Clinton's campaign raised $26,285,740.90 in May (not counting $102,860.92 from the candidate), and has $42,461,785.99 on hand.

Another comparison. Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole has $1,697,875.84 in cash on hand. That's $408,368.08 more than THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE HAS.

Really, it's not that hard. Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of one of the two major political parties in the nation. By all measures he's a very wealthy businessman with lots of connections. Raising money should not be this difficult.

Way to go, Republican voters. Not only does Trump have to overcome a major self-created polling deficit, but he has to overcome a massive self-created money deficit. Say hello to President Hillary Clinton. It's almost as it he's doing this for a friend...


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