Wednesday, April 30, 2014

OSU Debate: Where will T.W. Shannon be?

Thursday evening, May 1st, U.S. Senate candidates James LankfordRandy Brogdon and Jason Weger will be participating in a debate held by Oklahoma State University. Conspicuously absent will be fellow candidate T.W. Shannon, who has a "scheduling conflict". The debate will be aired on OState.TV.

Held by the second largest college in the state, livestreamed for the general public, and less than two months from the primary election, missing out on a debate has the potential to be viewed as purposeful. I have heard from Republican activists across the state who are perplexed or upset at Shannon's announced absence.

What is the "scheduling conflict"? Nobody knows for sure. One rumor is that Shannon will be in Chicago for a meeting of some sort, perhaps a fundraiser. Shannon has made several out-of-state fundraising trips so far in the campaign, including some to Florida.

I've reached out to the Shannon campaign for comment, and will (hopefully) post any update.