Sunday, April 13, 2014

FINAL LIST: Oklahoma's 2014 Federal & State Candidates

2014 is going to be a very active election cycle in Oklahoma. Here is a list of all the candidates who filed for statewide and federal office in Oklahoma, along with links to their websites. Names in red are Republican, names in blue are Democrat, names in gray are Independent, incumbents are underlined. Names with a line through them lost in the June 24th primary election.

1st District Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R), State Auditor Gary Jones (R), Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R), and State Treasurer Ken Miller (R) all drew no opposition. Every other federal or state office will be on the ballot, either in the June 24th GOP primary (Insurance Commission and Corporation Commission races), or on November 4th.


U.S. Senate - full term
Jim Inhofe (website)  --  nominee
Rob Moye (no website)
Evelyn Rogers (website)
D. Jean McBride-Samuels (website)
Erick Wyatt (website)
Matt Silverstein (website)
Aaron DeLozier (no website)
Joan Farr (website)
Ray Woods (no website)
U.S. Senate - partial term
Randy Brogdon (website)
Andy Craig (website)
Kevin Crow (website)
James Lankford (website)  --  nominee
Eric McCray (website)
T.W. Shannon (website)
Jason Weger (website)
Patrick Hayes (no website)
Connie Johnson (website)  --  nominee
Jim Rogers (no website)  --  lost in runoff
Mark Beard (no website)

U.S. House - District 1
Jim Bridenstine (website)  --  reelected without opposition
U.S. House - District 2
Markwayne Mullin (website)  --  nominee
Darrel Robertson (website)
Earl Everett (no website)  --  nominee
Joshua Harris-Till (website)
Jon Douthitt (no website)
U.S. House - District 3
Robert Hubbard (website)
Frank Lucas (website)  --  nominee
Tim Murray (website)
Frankie Robbins (website)
U.S. House - District 4
Tom Cole (website)  --  nominee
Anna Flatt (website)
Tae Si (website)
Bert Smith (website)  --  nominee
Dennis Johnson (no website)
U.S. House - District 5
Patrice Douglas (website)  --  lost in runoff
Shane Jett (website)
Clark Jolley (website)
Steve Russell (website)  --  nominee
Harvey Sparks (website)
Mike Turner (website)
Keith Davenport (website)
Tom Guild (website)  --  lost in runoff
Leona Leonard (no website)
Al McAffrey (website)  --  nominee
Marilyn Rainwater (website)
Tom Boggs (no website)
Robert Murphy (website)
Buddy Ray (website)

Dax Ewbank (website)
Mary Fallin (website)  -- nominee
Chad Moody (no website)
Joe Dorman (website)
Joe Sills (website)
Richard Prawdzienski (website)
Kimberly Willis (website)
Lieutenant Governor
Todd Lamb (website)
Cathy Cummings (website)
Auditor and Inspector
Gary Jones (no website)  --  reelected without opposition
Attorney General
Scott Pruitt (website)  --  reelected without opposition
Ken Miller (no website)  --  reelected without opposition
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Janet Barresi (website)
Joy Hofmeister (website)  --  nominee
Brian Kelly (website)
John Cox (website)  --  nominee
Freda Deskin (website)  --  lost in runoff
Jack Herron (website)
Ivan Holmes (website)
Labor Commissioner
Mark Costello (website)
Mike Workman (website)
Insurance Commissioner
John Doak (website)  --  reelected
Bill Viner (no website)
Corporation Commissioner
Cliff Branan (website)
Todd Hiett (website)  --  Commissioner-elect

Updated after the August 26th runoff election


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