Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Former Blue Dog Congressman's committee gives to T.W. Shannon and Pelosi

As I was glancing through Senate candidate T.W. Shannon's quarterly campaign finance report, something odd popped up.

Shannon reported raising $807,952 -- a none-too-shabby sum. $677,000 came from individuals, and about $45,000 came from PACs and other committees. Approximately $71,000 came either directly or indirectly from the Senate Conservatives PAC. $5,000 came from Sarah Palin's PAC.

He also received $750 from former Alabama congressman Bud Cramer's committee. Cramer was a 9-term Democratic congressman (and co-founder of the House Blue Dog Democrats) who retired in 2010.

Until this election cycle, Cramer's committee donated almost exclusively to Democrats. So far this cycle, his committee has contributed $19,600 to Democrats (including $2,500 to Nancy Pelosi), and $14,750 to Republicans.

Here are the House Republicans that Cramer donated to, along with their 2014 Heritage Action conservative score (House GOP average is 65%) and their FreedomWorks score:

Mike Pompeo (R-TX), 88% / 100%
Mo Brooks (R-AL), 79% / 86%
Mac Thornbery (R-TX), 75% / 71%
Robert Aderholt (R-AL), 60% / 50%
Mike Rogers (R-AL), 58% / 57%
Kay Granger (R-TX), 57% / 71%
Buck McKeon (R-CA), 43% / 43%

During the same time period (2013-present), Cramer's committee also donated to 14 Democratic incumbents and 2 Democratic challengers.

As a hardcore conservative, I can't really wrap my mind around donating to ultra-liberal Democrats and also to Republicans. I'm not sure if Cramer views these Republicans (including Shannon) as members more willing to "meet in the middle"? Cramer touted his "centrist" ratings while in Congress, and started the Blue Dog Democrat coalition of centrist/conservative Democrats.


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